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Item#: 4230
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-78 Leah Richter Greg Chudley Sigma-27 ("Copyright Trolls")

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawlers are to hack and install firewalls within ISPs across the globe to block access to SCP-4230 while tracing IPs of those who have editing privileges on the website. Once an editor has been identified, MTF Sigma-27 ("Copyright Trolls") is to be deployed to capture the editor and retrieve any device about the operation of the wiki.

Due to SCP-4230 affecting all current copies of an affected media, Foundation agents embedded in production companies are to release press statements when a fictional medium is converted into SCP-4230-A, explaining it as a new update to existing digital work. If the media is unable to be affected by the digital patch, Foundation web crawlers are to spread non-anomalous “Mandela effect” memes to sow doubt on the memories of those not affected by instances of SCP-4230-A.

At this current time, widespread amnesticization protocols are not to be adopted due to the sheer number of individuals who would need amnestics as well as the high probability of reinfection upon future media consumption of SCP-4230-A entities.

As of June-6-2021, all methods at the disposal of the Pataphysics Department are to be used in apprehending SCP-4230 admin, PoI-6940 including using protocol "Flame War"1.

Description: SCP-4230 is the website https://[REDACTED] It was believed to have been first established on Jan-12-2021 by a member of GoI-5869 "Gamers Against Weed": PoI-6940 also known by the handle “PeppaPigsStrongestSoldier1337”. SCP-4230 itself appears like any other Fanon Wiki on the Fandom site, where users can come up with their original characters and post them on the page; creating entire storylines and worlds for existing media.

SCP-4230, through anomalous means, can be used to add fictional characters to any existing work of fiction, provide new details to existing characters, and overall perceptions by the audience of new characters become reality through the wiki's description pages. Those who have previously viewed a work before it was anomalously edited will have no memory of the change until that work is viewed again.

The following effect will occur upon viewing the modified work that will now be referred to in this document as an SCP-4230-A entity. If a certain perception was specified on SCP-4230, subjects who view SCP-4230-A media will believe that it always existed in its current form and hold any opinion specified on the wiki with only mildly varying results. If no public perception or opinion was included on an SCP-4230 page, subjects will note that they experience a sense of suspicion about the new character and are unsure if they were there before.

If the character was added to a work that has sequels, there is the potential effect that they will also persist through these works granted that the wiki author has specified this. In already existing sequels of a franchise that lack a wiki article, the new characters will be incorporated as though they had been written by the original production team of said sequels.

Standard accounts made on the wiki can edit and make new articles. The Wiki appears to have a form of anomalous spambot protection that prevents articles from being filled with garbage to counter the effects of sabotage. The Wiki also contains rules against having pages with no text on them or without a specified media, and the article will not be published unless it fits the criteria; leaving the article's initial effects intact.

Currently, it is theorized that deletion of the articles would revert SCP-4230-A entities to non-anomalous media; thus, retrieving the servers is a top priority.

A note on interaction with SCP-3167: Early in our studies with SCP-4230 we wondered if the creation of SCP-4230-A Entities would spur SCP-3167 into attempting to kill them to respect the author's wishes. After contacting Pataphysics Task Force Alpha-4, they informed us that SCP-3167 had left the newly created characters alone. It is currently unknown if SCP-4230 can manipulate SCP-3167 into killing -4230-A entities or existing fictional characters.

Perhaps 4230 has a memetic effect on the authors in which they believe they are the progenitor of the changes seen in 4230-A entities. Further testing is necessary on this subject.
- Researcher Chudley.

Discovery: SCP-4230 was discovered on April 1st, 2021 when Dr. Victoria Cerise discussed her weekend with a coworker. Dr. Cerise mentioned she had just rewatched the film, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and spoke positively about a cameo of her favorite character Glup Shitto. Researcher Greg Chudley, being an intermittent Star Wars fan, was a bit confused. He stated that couldn’t remember any character named Glup Shitto, and assumed she was making a joke until Dr. Cerise adamantly defended what she considered to be "the greatest fictional character of her time." A cursory Google search by researcher Chudley discovered a fanon wiki with the exact description provided by Dr. Cerise, including her statement of Glup Shitto being "the greatest fictional character of our time."

Dr. Cerise was then interviewed to determine if she had consumed any other media that had been converted into SCP-4230-A entities to which it was found she hadn’t heard of anything else written on SCP-4230. The fanon wiki was then quickly classified as SCP-4230, and measures were taken at researcher Chudley’s insistence which became the Special Containment Procedures to prevent any more works of fiction from being tampered with.

The following is a list of notable entries taken from the full list of 1768 Entries on the Wiki

  • Media: The Star Wars Franchise
  • First Appearance: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Special Edition
  • Date of Publishing: Jan 20, 2021
  • SCP-4230 User: BasilOregano1977

Description: Glup Shitto is a background character that initially appears in Star Wars Episode IV, who is of an unidentified alien race in the Star Wars Universe. He is described as being humanoid in shape and having a hole 6 inches in diameter where a human mouth would be. His eyes are located on his pectoral muscles similar to where nipples would be on humans, and otherwise resembling humans in build and shape with minor variations.

Glup Shitto was originally described as having a small cameo lasting seconds in A New Hope, but his role gradually expanded in the Star Wars franchise in such a way that he became a prolific character that led to fans wanting to clap whenever he showed up. This appreciation of an otherwise mundane and boring character is baked into the Wiki article itself and causes Glup Shitto to be perceived as a wildly desirable friend and character.

A summary of appearances is given below to provide an understanding of what kinds of changes can be made possible by SCP-4230.

Star Wars Episode IV: Glup Shitto appears in the cantina, scrubbing glasses and mumbling about how "this isn't like it used to be", and points the characters Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Han Solo.

Star Wars Episode V: Glup Shitto, having found superior employment as a space courier, bumps into Luke Skywalker and takes a shot for him, saving him from Boba Fett and barely surviving thanks to a can of Coca-Cola in his pocket. Coca-Cola is a now canonical beverage in the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Episode VI: Darth Vader, remembering his friendship with Glup Shitto, decides to turn against the Emperor to save his son.

Star Wars Episode I: Kid Glup Shitto is shown to be a good friend of Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine

Star Wars Episode II: Glup Shitto, now in young adulthood, is working at Dexter Jettster’s diner and serves Obi-Wan a Coca-Cola.

Star Wars Episode III: Glup Shitto, having majored in Political Science at the Chancellor Palpatine School of Political Science (The ChanPalSPSci), appears as a senator during Palpatine’s speech forming the Galactic Empire.

Star Wars Episode VII: Glup Shitto, once more down on his luck, sells an entire basket of the drug known as Death Sticks to Rey before being farted on by Chewbacca.

Star Wars Episode VIII: Seeing her lifelong friend Glup Shitto flung from a starship, Leia Organa uses the powers of the force to save him instead of herself after being launched into space.

Star Wars Episode IX: Glup Shitto "Glups all over" when Palpatine is surprise attacked by him at the climax of the film, allowing the heroes to "unilaterally provide a beatdown of epic proportions".

Notes on Containment: We didn’t have to do much, the author of the page specified that Glup Shitto only appears in the Star Wars Special edition/DVD releases, and thus the original copies were unaffected, which was generally attributed to George Lucas as the source of the changes.
- Researcher Chudley.

Addendum 4230.01: In the process of trying to contain SCP-4230, the Foundation arrested and interrogated over 1,000 people, most of which were not actual members of GoI-5869 and had simply found SCP-4230 on their own. These civilians either browsed it or sometimes made accounts to begin adding content. Such people have been omitted from the document, amnesticized, and sent home. The following interviews are from Foundation raids in which a member of GoI-5869 was captured.

Addendum 4230.02: A breakthrough occurred on June-6-2021 when PoI-6940 posted an article on SCP-4230. Foundation Webcrawlers were able to ping their true IP address before it changed at the last millisecond. MTF Sigma-27 and Researcher Chudley were deployed to the location to apprehend PoI-6940.

Addendum 4230.03: On June-24-2021, an account registered under the name of "Peppa'sBane" was established by Researcher Chudley for the sole purpose of enacting Protocol "Flame War". While it is currently impossible to delete articles, the standard account can edit and create them. It is not currently recommended that any more SCP-4230-A entities are created by the foundation.

The following is a record of the edit history of the "Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way" page by PoI-6944, aka "TaraGilesbie86" performed by Researcher Chudley. PoI-6944 is believed to be a co-author of SCP-4230 given they have the second largest amount of edits on the site. Chudley's edits are presented in purple while Tara's are presented in green.

  • Character Name: Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way
  • Media: Harry Potter Franchise
  • First appearance: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone
  • Date of Publishing: June 28 2021
  • SCP-4230 User: TaraGilesbie86

Description: Originally from the fanfiction My Immortal, Ebony appears in the Philosopher's Stone as a deuteragonist to Harry Potter, often clashing with him as she is infatuated and in love with Draco Malfoy; helping him with his schemes. The plot of the Harry Potter books and movies continues on as normal with a few changes, with this added character, however it is made clear that Dark’ness is Harry’s Inferior.

One of these changes is that Ebony discovers the truth about Horcruxes in the Chamber of Secrets, also deducing that Harry is a Horcrux. Information in hand she drowns Harry Potter in a toilet before subsequently reviving him, making his later quest easier.

The only major alteration of note from the standard narrative occurs in the last book, The Deathly Hallows. In the final battle between Harry and Voldemort, Ebony comes out of nowhere and decapitates Voldemort with the Sword of Gryffindor. In the Epilogue, it is revealed that Ebony married Draco and had his kids.


Peppa'sBane: Hello Tara! I loved your article but I thought that Ebony should be a less intrusive character in the Harry Potter story, let's keep things close to the original narrative.

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