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SCP-4230 (left) alongside a deceased instance of SCP-4230-A (right).

Item #: SCP-4230

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Barbed metal fencing is to be constructed in a 6 meter circular formation around SCP-4230-1’s activation point, as SCP-4230 is immobile and cannot be relocated without retaining severe damage. Instances of SCP-4230-A outside of SCP-4230’s radius are to be melted down and/or destroyed within 72 hours. Instances of SCP-4230-A within SCP-4230’s radius are to be destroyed using long-range objects or weapons within this same time span. Foundation medical researchers are currently developing a cure for SCP-4230-1.

In the event that more than twenty (20) instances of SCP-4230-B are present in one area, Site 02 is to enter lockdown mode immediately preceding the dispatch of MTF-Delta-14, "Winter Wonderland”.

Description: SCP-4230 is a crudely constructed snowman measuring 1.5 meters in height, and consists of packed snow and traces of various natural debris such as dead leaves, mulch and soil. SCP-4230 does not appear to deteriorate or melt, unlike ordinary snowmen. When human and animal organisms1 enter within a four (4) meter radius of SCP-4230, anomalous activity occurs following SCP-4230-1’s activation2.

SCP-4230-1 is an anomalous event capable of restructuring the skeletal system alongside controlling organ and cell functions to distort the host’s body to appear as a featureless snowman. SCP-4230-1 has been noted to be extremely painful to the subject, and, in all recorded instances, lasts around 7-8 days in humans, and 13-15 days in large animals. SCP-4230-1 may take effect within 11 days following an interaction with SCP-4230-1. Once SCP-4230-1 has completed the process of transforming the host's body, these bodies are to be designated as instances of SCP-4230-A.

Instances of SCP-4230-A have been shown to host white, spherical eggs. These eggs can hatch into SCP-4230-B instances within the span of seventy-two (72) hours. Each SCP-4230-A instance may produce up to nineteen instances of SCP-4230-B. Destroying instances of SCP-4230-A, along with the eggs they contain, has been classified as an essential process to contain SCP-4230-B.

SCP-4230-B instances are extremely hostile organisms, and resemble 0.6 meter tall snowmen with bloodied eyes similar in design and identical in function to those of an insect. All SCP-4230-B instances possess a 0.2 meter wide hole located between the eyes, featuring teeth, which, in all observed instances, point inward. All attempts to communicate with SCP-4230-B instances have been met with aggression. Upon being born, instances have been shown to reach adulthood in the span of 15 seconds. The exact lifespan of an SCP-4230-B instance appears to be 24 hours, as all instances seem to melt away approximately one day after being born, regardless of the environments they are present in at the time.

SCP-4230-B instances have been observed to be carnivores, and, in all recorded instances, hunt in packs. Instances of SCP-4230-B strongly dislike warm temperatures, and will actively avoid areas with a temperature of 40°F or above. Attempting to retaliate against an SCP-4230-B attack with snow or ice will result in [DATA EXPUNGED].

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