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Fig. 1.1 SCP-4229

Item #: SCP-4229

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The mail cavity of SCP-4229 is to be kept open at all times. SCP-4229 itself is currently held in the Bio-Garden adjacent to Site-76. Due to developing containment concerns, plans are underway to relocate the object to Site-103. Staff will retrieve instances of SCP-4229-1 each day for testing and storage. Each instance of SCP-4229-1 is to be logged for DNA and any defining marks or tattoos, then stored in Containment Freezer 4229 on Level 8 of Site-76.

Personnel stationed on SCP-4229 will be tested weekly for any naturally occurring blood-based pathogen.

Description: SCP-4229 is a Victorian-era mailbox measuring one meter in height, twenty-five centimeters in width, and one meter in depth. A root system, resembling that of an oak tree, extends two meters from the base of SCP-4229 into the soil. Any attempt to excavate SCP-4229 will cause this system to develop at a rapid rate until it roots in suitable fertile ground. SCP-4229 was first discovered in 1896, having emerged from a street-corner in Sidcup, SE London, fracturing multiple pavement blocks. When examined, a single instance of SCP-4229-1 was inside.


Fig. 1.2 SCP-4229(1)-QR9: Front view, exterior.

SCP-4229-1 are packages that manifest within the mail cavity of SCP-4229 at statistically random intervals. Instances of SCP-4229-1 will manifest regardless of whether the cavity is empty, resulting in eruptions of pressurized flesh if left closed. Epidermal contact with ruptured packages results in an above average infection rate for HIV, Hepatitis-A, Tuberculosis, and a variety of other blood-pathogens.

While pigment and total size varies, instances of SCP-4229 are uniformly square, and possess a seamless encasement of human flesh. Packages register at a constant 37 degrees centigrade1, and preserve without decomposition until the flesh is penetrated. The interior of SCP-4229-1 contains pieces of axle, shards of heavy transmission machinery, and other components associated with common aircraft. One corner is marked with a rectangular abrasion resembling a stamp, and the center is addressed by etching with English Cursive "To: Home. Love, Mom." The reverse interior wall of flesh is inscribed with a unique message of similar engravings.

The source of these packages is currently unknown.

Note: The following log includes the most notable engravings.

(SCP) 4229-1 Log of Interior Engraving Recovery Date
4229(1)-AA1 "My beloved child, how did you get here, so far from home? Take care of yourself darling. Wishing you best, Mom." 3 October 1896
4229(1)-AA2 "My sweet child, please stay home. This place is not for you. Wishing you best, Mom." 29 March 1900
4229(1)-AC7 "My dearest child, I only want what's best for you. You don't seem to care. Best, Mom." 11 April 1926
4229(1)-GV6 "Dear child, keep your feet where they belong. Best, Mom." 20 August 1950
4229(1)-JZ9 "Dear child, Why do you desire so, to go places you were never meant to be? Best, Mom." 30 June 1975
4229(1)-MN3 "Child, you must know what you're doing. Leave your mother in peace. Best, Mom." 1 January 1985
4229(1)-QR9 "My heart hurts for what you've done. Best, Mom." 11 May 1995
4229(1)-ZZLK9 "You've polluted your opportunity. You are incapable of shouldering the responsibility of my gift. If you feel the right to my space, I have the same to yours. -Mom." 20 July 2015

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