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SCP-4228-1 through 7

Item #: SCP-4228

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4228-1 through SCP-4228-7 will be held in a high-security storage vault at Site-45. Testing of SCP-4228 has been suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-4228 is an un-aired children’s television series known as “Karma Kameleon’s Adventures on Earth!” The series comprises a single season, 7 episodes in length.

SCP-4228 follows the adventures of “Karma”, a cartoon chameleon. The show's main theme is the preservation of natural resources, with the villains of the show personifying deforestation and animal extinction. Visually, SCP-4228 has a “2.5D” style; characters present as animated paper cut-outs in the foreground, moving across set-pieces like trees and rocks in the mid-ground, over a watercolor painting background.

Each episode of SCP-4228 contains a distinct, highly virulent memetic agent that impairs a person’s capacity to dream. For a complete listing of these effects, see SCP-4228-TL below.

Once the episode has been viewed, the subject themselves will become a transmission vector, allowing transference through any information related to SCP-4228, up to and including illustrations, quotes, or the names of key characters.

Viewing multiple episodes of SCP-4228 not only causes compounding “dream impairments”, but a deterioration of overall creativity and fantastical thinking. As more episodes are viewed, subjects will exhibit a matching increase in desire to watch SCP-4228, or consume any related media. It is unclear if SCP-4228 contains some form of addictive cognitohazard, or merely becomes a substitute for the subject's enfeebled imagination.

SCP-4228 was acquired during a raid on Oliver Brothers Inc., known affiliates of "Marshall, Carter, & Dark."


=====TITLE===== =====SUMMARY===== =====RESULT=====


"Karma Kameleon and the Rainbow Forest!"

"Karma Kameleon travels through the Rainbow Forest on the brand new vine-line tram, picking up his friends along the way!" (sic)

All trees and other foliage in this episode display a disorienting, rapid shift of color.

Dreams no longer contain distinct visuals; elements present as silhouettes or amorphous blobs.


“Karma Kameleon visits the Tree People!”

"Karma Kameleon and friends go to Grass-Roof Village, just in time for the fire dance! Lets see how these people live in harmony with the forest!" (sic)

This episode contains a high number of close-up shots of individuals laughing and hugging.

Dreams cease being interactive; elements no longer respond to physical or verbal cues.


“Karma Kameleon's Raindrop Carnival!”

"A tropical storm hits the Rainbow Forest, so Karma Kameleon and his friends are stuck inside all day! To cheer everyone up, Karma conducts an indoor parade!" (sic)

This episode has an unusually high audio production value, featuring full orchestras and gospel choir vocals.

Dreams no longer contain distinct sounds such as speech, only muffled ambient noise.


“Karma Kameleon and the Sad Machines”

"Oh no! During a moonlit stroll, Karma and his friends find a cut-down part of the forest. Jigsaw and the Sad Machines don't want to keep hurting the trees, but the Hollow Men will make them when morning comes!" (sic)

This episode features a far more monotonous color palette. Many of the "sad machines" have rust-like tear stains. Throughout the episode, these characters attempt to destroy themselves by slamming their bodies against rocks and jumping from tall trees.

Dreams no longer include people, objects, or events from the dreamer's real life.


“Karma Kameleon on Land, Water, and Sky!”

"Karma Kameleon takes a trip across the Rainbow Forest with the help of three friends! Capybara Carlos, Olivia Otter, and Kenny Kingfisher!" (sic)

This episode contains nearly 300% more "smear" frames, and colors bleeding outside of object/character boundaries.

Subjects experience severely restricted mobility or total paralysis during dreaming.


“Karma Kameleon on the Run!”

"Karma Kameleon spends a lazy day in his tree hammock, when suddenly the Sad Machines come trampling in! What will happen to the Rainbow Forest!? (sic)

Throughout the episode, many characters and set-pieces are seen disappearing into a massive, angry-faced wood-chipper machine. This episode contains no music, replaced instead with a secondary effects track containing real-world samples of chainsaws, wood being pulped, and animal shrieks.

Subjects no longer possess a tangible body while dreaming.


"Karma Kameleon goes with the Hollow Men!"

This tape contained no summary. The episode follows a first person perspective of Karma Kameleon in a small cage traveling through real-time live-action scenes. The final shot is a zoom-out, showing Karma alone in a small, glass enclosure at a city zoo. Karma is the only animated figure in a sea of live-action humans passing through the shot, their bodies covered in static. This episode is 2 hours, 16 minutes longer than any other. There is no music throughout; the majority of sound during this episode is Karma's own panicked breathing.

Dreams, 1/3rd of the time, take place in a beige, six sided room with no windows or doors.


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