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Lake ████. Picture was taken by Dr. Larsson.

Item#: SCP-4227

Object Class: Keter


Warning sign located outside the secluded area surrounding Lake █████. Translation: Forest road. Obstacles and dangers may occur.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4227 is contained at its site of discovery. Electric fence with barbed wire is to be set up in the area surrounding the lake which SCP-4227 is located in. Security cameras are set up on the fence every 30 meters and are to be monitored 24 hours a day by assigned personnel. 4 armed guards are to be stationed at the main entrance to SCP-4227 at all times. Any non-personnel exposed or having viewed SCP-4227, 1 or more SCP-4227-A instance(s) or 1 or more SCP-4227-B instance(s) are to be escorted off the premises and are then to be given Class-A amnestics.

In the event that 1 or more SCP-4227-A or SCP-4227-B instance(s) breaches containment, Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox"), Mobile Task Force Nu-7 (Hammer Down) or Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") are to be called into recontain the anomaly/anomalies. Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits") are then to be called in to attempt to repair the reality damage caused by the SCP-4227-A instance. Mobile Task Force units are authorized to terminate the SCP-4227-A instance(s) in question if recontainment is not possible, or if the instances in question have caused substantial damage to reality and/or the space-time continuum.

The following is a note from MTF Nu-7 Commander ██████. 06/28/20██

The SCP-4227-A instances have limited stamina which drains real FAST if they're using their reality-bending abilities. So make sure to keep 'em occupied with something else while engaging them. For example, when a squad I led ran an instance over with an armored transport while trying to recontain it. Something crazy like that or just a lot of bullets will probably do the trick.

SCP-4227-B instances are always to be terminated on sight during containment breaches due to the high chance of them repeatedly breaching containment if put back into SCP-4227. If any humanoid creature comes in contact with an SCP-4227-B instance, they are to be immediately located and terminated. After the termination, their corpse is to be burned to prevent the spread of SCP-4227-B.


Photo of SCP-4227. Taken by MTF Gamma-5.

Description: SCP-4227 is a vaguely circular pit, with a diameter of 100 meters at the bottom of Lake ████ located in █████, Southern Sweden. It was discovered when the police were called by residents of █████, who reported ██ children going missing by swimming to a certain point in the lake. Urban legends were spread by local town residents about a lake that contained everything anyone has ever lost. It is suspected that the children had become curious and had drowned were killed by an SCP-4227-A instance.

The hume reading of SCP-4227 increases as the lake descends. This results in the water being reported to feel ‘’thick’’ or ‘’stiff’’ like molasses by exploration crews.

SCP-4227 contains numerous man-made objects and lifeforms typically owned by humans. Some notable objects are: cars of various models, 1 Boeing 777-200ER airplane, sheets of paper, various pieces of clothing (mainly socks), keys of differing models and materials, typical domesticated animals such as cats, dogs and hamsters of various breeds, typically dead of drowning or starvation, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Origins of these objects are as of yet unknown. These objects display no anomalous properties.

SCP-4227 also contains an air pocket which can be entered by via a rolled over bus stuck to the wall of SCP-4227. This air pocket is of completely unknown dimensions and appears to be a cave with abnormally flat ground. Like the rest of SCP-4227, the air pocket also contains numerous non-anomalous man-owned objects.

SCP-4227-A are amphibious, reality-bending humanoid entities, ranging from 160 to 210 centimeters in height and between 50 and 100 kilograms in weight. Instances have a lower body similar to that of a Delphinapterus leucas (Beluga Whale) and an oral opening similar to that of a Mitsukurina owstoni (Goblin Shark). SCP-4227-A instances have been seen ‘’opening’’ their lower body, revealing two double-jointed legs when walking on land. SCP-4227-A instances show some form of intelligence by the way they attack their prey but also display highly animalistic and instinctive behavior. SCP-4227-A instance movements through water are nearly silent, making it easy for the instance to ‘ambush’ its victim. SCP-4227-A instances lack eyes and it is hypothesized that they use echolocation to navigate, but further evidence of the specimen is needed. Victims of SCP-4227-A are normally killed by blood loss or from drowning. SCP-4227-A instances seem to be carnivorous scavengers, based on remains found in the lake.

After terminating a human, SCP-4227-A instances are known to suck the air out of their lungs through its victim's oral orifices in an event dubbed “The Mermaids Kiss”. It is theorized that this is done so that human victims will sink to the ‘bottom’ of SCP-4227, it is believed that the SCP-4227-A instances do this to hide them from other SCP-4227-A instances. SCP-4227-A instances may become agitated if any creature enters SCP-4227. The reasoning behind this is unknown but is hypothesized that the SCP-4227-A instances may be territorial by nature.

SCP-4227-A instances use their reality-bending properties to manipulate the flow of time relative to the space in their surroundings. This lets them slow prey down to incapacitate them, or to speed themselves up, letting the instances swim at speeds of up to ███ km/h. They have also displayed the ability to ‘’freeze’’ certain objects in time or to cause rapid aging or deterioration in them.

The following is a note from Dr. John Larsson 02/21/20██

My research team and I have noticed that the instances are only able to manipulate the speed of the flow of time in their surroundings, basically meaning that they can't change the fact that the time in their surroundings goes FORWARD; consequently, they cannot rewind the time in their surroundings or stop it completely.


SCP-4227-B instance during a containment breach. The photo is a screenshot from a live feed of shoulder mounted camera belonging to Agent ██████ shortly before she became an SCP-4227-B host.

SCP-4227-B instances are an amphibious eel or snake-like organisms, usually between 20 and 120 centimeters in length weighing between and 2 to 15 kilograms. They are usually found in the deep and normally non-accessible areas of SCP-4227. Instances are, like SCP-4227-A instances, highly animalistic and instinctive in behavior. SCP-4227-B instances are carnivorous and may even in some cases be cannibalistic.

SCP-4227-B instances reproduce asexually by biting a host and inserting hundreds of mosquito proboscis-like appendages into host tissue. This procedure is reported to be painless and often goes unnoticed. After a 5 minute incubation period, the area bitten by the SCP-4227-B instance will begin to turn red and grow into a cyst, visually similar to a very large mosquito bite. Hosts during this stage have reported an intense itch on the bite. 10 minutes after the SCP-4227-B instance has bitten the host, the cyst will rupture or burst, and as many as between ███ and ████ new SCP-4227-B instances are born from the host.

It is also theorized that the "bottom" of SCP-4227 is a wormhole or "tear" in the universe, referred to as SCP-4227-1. Currently, study of this anomaly is impossible due to the hume level. SCP-4227-1 is thought to be the origins of -A and -B instances, though evidence is lacking.

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