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Item #: SCP-4226

Object Class: Safe Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4226 must remain in an enclosure with a minimum floor area of 5m2; one which both accommodates its physical dimensions and provides enough marginal space for the full and rapid deployment of MTF Eta-20 (“Blind Ingestion”). A lockable entrance such as a door or hatch is ideal for testing, but is not otherwise necessary is vital for the effective use of the artifact. Researchers must be relieved of all items which could fracture the object before entering the enclosure for testing are hereby barred from further interaction with the artifact, except in the extenuating circumstances specified in the Addendum.

Description: SCP-4226, save for its atypical water outlet, is indiscernible from other bathroom sinks commonly found in British university accommodation. It is comprised of a tiled wall with a small adhesive label that reads “Caution: Very Hot Water”, an eye-level square mirror, an enamelled cast-iron basin, a red valve wheel attached to a titanium spigot, and assorted plumbing which ends abruptly at the wall. From the spigot, there is a consistent, unceasing drip of tepid water.

Extensive measurement aided by laser imaging showed that the time between each drip is exactly 2 seconds.1 The path of each droplet evidences their operation outside of normal gravitational laws. Despite only travelling around 20 centimetres, a droplet will fall slowly and uniformly, taking 2 seconds to reach the surface of the basin before the spigot drips again. This anomaly was responsible for the Foundation’s removal of the entity from the University of ██████ in the United Kingdom.

The Foundation has conducted a series of tests using D-Class personnel. The experimentation, led by Researcher Castell, proceeded as follows:




Addendum: SCP-4226’s “Safe” classification has been was initially assigned due to the Foundation’s understanding of its two primary functions:

1. Temporal Halt: Any human individual who interrupts the path of a droplet with their skin will exist in a time-stasis, where all time outside of the confines of the individual’s body and the space that occupies the basin is halted as long as they are able to continuously maintain interruption.5 The steadily increasing temperature of the water far beyond normal evaporative heat and the lack of mobility caused by the necessity of skin contact prevent this particular function from being abused.

2. Temporal Regression: If the interactor with SCP-4226 interrupts the path of the droplets via ingestion, Temporal Halt will occur as expected along with its scalding effect. Once the dripping is allowed to resume, however, the interactor will experience the regressive effect: their mind will be transported, by unclear means, into the body of their past self. The temporal distance of this regression is equal to the time spent in Temporal Halt.

In late 20██, Researcher Castell successfully sought out Foundation approval for SCP-4226’s re-classification to “Thaumiel” status. He argued that containment breaches could be pre-emptively halted via staff use of the object, despite its unwieldiness.

The Foundation subsequently commissioned the organisation of MTF Eta-20 (“Blind Ingestion”), a Mobile Task Force formed of volunteers who have undergone drastic surgical and biomechanical modifications to their digestive tracts and nervous systems to enable them to consume extremely harmful substances, and to preserve, transform or destroy them internally. MTF Eta-20 (“Blind Ingestion”) members are able to withstand the extreme heat of the water from SCP-4226 for greatly extended durations. Any damage is erased once they experience Temporal Regression, making their deployment optimal for preventing containment breaches.

The Foundation recognises that containment breaches are not always preventable due to both unforeseen technological limitations and the stringent timeframes within which pre-emptive action is made possible. It is plausible probable that some SCP objects can resist the effects of SCP-4226 and the automatic re-containment it causes. It is imperative that these are discovered as soon as possible.

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