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Item#: 4225
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4225 is to be kept in a standard reptile terrarrium at Site-66 and supplied with food, water, and veterinary care appropriate for a typical nonvenomous snake of its size. Only researchers whose first or last names start with "S" should interact with SCP-4225, so that transcription is possible. All of SCP-4225's shed skins are to be stored separately in a standard Safe-class locker. These skins may be accessed for study upon request.

Description: SCP-4225 is a non-venomous snake of an unidentified species. It is 1.1 meters in length, with alternating 3-centimeter bands of scarlet and silver coloration along its entire body. The only exception to this pattern is a line of black text along its spine, reading “Sammy the Superfluous Serpent, by Sr. Supertainment”. When SCP-4225 sheds its skin, this same text is repeated on the new layer. SCP-4225 is capable of human speech, and possesses a level of intelligence roughly equivalent to that of a young child.

SCP-4225 is a mild cognitohazard. Any speech directed at SCP-4225 (through any medium) must consist primarily of words beginning with the letter "s". Articles, some prepositions, and other short words (but no nouns) are exempt from this effect, as are numbers. Aside from these exceptions, any spoken word not beginning with the letter "s" will be silenced. SCP-4225 is also unable to deviate from this speech pattern, possibly because it is not immune to its own effect.

Text is unaffected by the cognitohazard, but is not a viable form of communication with SCP-4225 due to its illiteracy. Attempts to teach it to read and write have thus far been unsuccessful.

Addendum 4225-A: SCP-4225 was first contained when Foundation agents responded to reports of a talking snake at a pet store in █████, Washington. The owner of the pet store claimed to have no memory of the object's arrival. The owner and ██ civilians were given Class B amnestics, and SCP-4225 was contained without further incident.

Interview 4225-1:

<Begin Log>

Dr. Sara Kothari: Salutations, Scip-42251.

SCP-4225: Salutations, Sara!

Dr. Kothari: State the source of your supernatural situation?

SCP-4225: Sure! Señor Supertainment supplied me with such stuff.

Dr. Kothari: Surely?

SCP-4225: Certainly2.

Dr. Kothari: Share the story?

SCP-4225: See, Señor Supertainment shaped Sammy so that students studying speech should share 'standing3 of spelling. Also, Sammy is super silly!

Dr. Kothari: I see. Is Sammy the sole superfluous snake by Señor Supertainment?

SCP-4225: Sort of. See…

[SCP-4225 coughs up a crumpled piece of paper. See Document 4225-a, below.]

[Dr. Kothari attempts to say "thank you" but is silenced by SCP-4225's effect].

SCP-4225: Sorry.

Dr. Kothari: 'sokay.

<End Log>

Addendum 4225-1:

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