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SCP-4222 being disentangled from a net.

Item #: SCP-4222

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4222 is to be contained and protected in its natural habitat. Foundation naval assets are to maintain a 5km zone of exclusion around the approximate location of SCP-4222. Civilian vessels approaching the zone are to be redirected using cover story SCP-4222-A ("rescue operation").

MTF Mu-17 ("Sea Shepherds") are tasked with tracking and protecting SCP-4222.

In the event of atypical value fluctuation by City Trust International Bank stock, a marine veterinarian is to assess the health of SCP-4222 within one business day. Personnel assigned to the SCP-4222 containment team are prohibited from purchasing CTIB stock.

Description: SCP-4222 is a Northern bluefin tuna with the City Trust International Bank corporation (CTIB) located in its gut.

SCP-4222 displays no anomalous physical properties other than possessing a financial institution in place of a digestive system. The processes by which SCP-4222 interacts with telecommunication devices and ships/receives materials are not yet understood. Monitoring of wireless transmission indicates that all CTIB transactions are being conducted through SCP-4222; intercepted communications1 confirm that the company's routine operations are occurring inside of a bluefin tuna. No CTIB offices or employees have been confirmed to exist outside of the tuna.2

City Trust International Bank continues to operate, and is financially entangled with 23% of the companies on the New York Stock Exchange. Disruption of the company's operations would cause severe economic instability and threaten the normalcy of the world economy.3 Research on extracting the corporation from the gut of the entity is underway.

The point in time at which City Trust International Bank went or became inside a tuna is the subject of ongoing investigation.


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