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Item#: 4221
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Special Containment Procedures: All houses adjacent to SCP-4221 have been purchased by the Foundation, and are to be maintained by Foundation personnel. Any civilians entering SCP-4221 are to be immediately detained and amnesticized as appropriate. All weapons and bladed instruments are to be kept out of view of SCP-4221-1.

Once weekly, a cleaning crew is to dispose of trash, clean up spills, and dust inside SCP-4221, as well as restocking the supply of bandages.

In the event of aggressive behavior on the part of SCP-4221-1, Foundation personnel are to withdraw and notify MTF Beta-21 "Pied Pipers" to subdue the entity. SCP-4221-1 is not to be removed from SCP-4221.

SCP-4221-2 is to be kept under video surveillance at all times, with any changes or emissions to be reported immediately. Drone exploration is currently suspended.

Description: SCP-4221 is a blue two-story house, located in a row of similar houses along a side street in ██████, Toronto. It is the location of the following anomalies:

SCP-4221-1: The inhabitant of SCP-4221. SCP-4221-1 is a humanoid entity roughly 2.3 m in height with an arm span of 4 m. The entity possesses unusually active sebaceous glands, which produce a thick, black oil coating most of the entity's skin. The entity has been provided weekly with clean bandages in an attempt to preserve a sanitary environment in SCP-4221, which has been largely successful.

SCP-4221-1 has shown no capacity for speech, although it has demonstrated some understanding of simple commands (see Addendum 4221-3).

SCP-4221-1 possesses an extreme phobia of weapons, especially bladed weapons. Even the presence of a fork can cause SCP-4221-1 to retreat into the attic of its residence until the threat is gone. This has made obtaining samples of its tissues extremely difficult.

DNA analysis of SCP-4221-1's secretions show a 99.6% match to human DNA. However, the DNA shows an extreme number of mutations, similar to those caused by prolonged exposure to radiation.

SCP-4221-2: An intermittent spacetime anomaly localized within the kitchen wall of SCP-4221, measuring roughly 5 cm in diameter. During activation events (see below), the anomaly provides an opening into a dark, seemingly abandoned space containing large masses of fungi similar to Stachybotrys chartarum, Dictyostelium discoideum, and other fungi. When not activated, it appears similar to the surrounding kitchen wall, albeit stained with black from frequent exposure to the molds inside.

Several times daily, SCP-4221-1 will initiate an activation event. It does so by approaching the location of SCP-4221-2, holding its ear close to the anomaly. Roughly 20% of the time, it will walk away after listening. In the other 80% of instances, it places its hand through the anomaly, which opens to accommodate it. The entity then retrieves large masses of mold for consumption.

After SCP-4221-1's harvesting, the opening begins to close over the space of 5 to 10 minutes. All attempts to maintain the anomaly have failed, as have attempts to activate it without the assistance of SCP-4221-1. Due to SCP-4221-1's low level of intelligence (see Addendum 4221-3), staff have been unable to negotiate more frequent activation events.

Insertion of recording equipment into SCP-4221-2 has been successful. However, upon closing, all items lodged within SCP-4221-2 are severed, and radio communication with equipment in the interior is lost. Due to these properties, the current working theory is that this opening is a liminal space leading to a location distant from ours in space, time, and/or dimension.

Incident 4221-1: During the listening portion of a standard activation event, SCP-4221-1 became extremely agitated and fled into the attic of SCP-4221. SCP-4221-1 waited two days before the next activation event, showing signs of fatigue from lack of food.

During the next successful activation event, SCP-4221-1 retrieved a tangle of clothing from SCP-4221-2, in addition to its usual harvest of molds. The clothing was an orange jumpsuit, stained black. The jumpsuit contained tears and bite marks indicative of large predators. Chemical analysis showed a lack of blood; all stains were found to consist of mold and a fluid identical to that covering SCP-4221-1's skin.

Addendum 4221-2: Preliminary video recordings of the interior of SCP-4221-2 show an apparently man-made cluster of connected buildings coated with black, tarry substances. Due to the limited communication time span, drones have yet to explore the exterior of these buildings. No flora or fauna have been observed.

However, drone signals from previous activation events have not yet been picked up upon subsequent events, suggesting some active agent interfering with drone activity. (Note: as of ██/██/20██, one drone has returned with video footage. See Addendum 4.

Analysis of the building layout and room contents suggests that the building was used for restraint, similar to a prison, with barred interior windows, chains, emergency shutters, and restricted access to exterior walls. A comparison search ordered by Site Director █████ showed that the layout did not correspond to any current Foundation facility.

Addendum 4221-3:

Addendum 4221-4:

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