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SCP-4216 prior to containment.

Item #: SCP-4216

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4216 is contained in a standard Small Containment Cell at Site-33. Access is limited to personnel with Clearance Level 3 4 and above. Personnel who have previously owned or cared for any breed of dog (Canis lupus familiaris) are to be barred from entering SCP-4216's cell to prevent accidentally triggering Δ-0G Events. Testing with SCP-4216 is strictly limited to D-Class personnel only. Personnel wishing to receive psychological support after testing may do so at Dr. Penn's office.

Description: SCP-4216 is a large wooden kennel with a corrugated steel roof. The interior of the structure is non-anomalous when inactive, and is safe to enter. SCP-4216 manifests its anomalous properties when it enters the line of sight of an individual who meets the following criteria:

  • The individual has owned at least one dog at any point in their life.
  • At least one of the dogs owned by the individual are deceased.
  • The individual remembers owning at least one of the deceased dogs.

Upon meeting the aforementioned criteria, a Δ-0G Event will occur. During this period, an instance of SCP-4216-Δ will appear in SCP-4216. SCP-4216-Δ is a collective designation for all entities that exit the structure, and will always resemble one of the subject's deceased dogs.

Instances of SCP-4216-Δ are observed to be perfectly healthy regardless of their circumstances of death, and are reported to be identical to their deceased counterparts in life by the subject. While no memetic effects originating from SCP-4216 or instances of SCP-4216-Δ have been recorded, subjects express happiness and a desire to reunite with the SCP-4216-Δ instance if separated. If interaction between the subject and their respective SCP-4216-Δ instance is restricted, it will return into SCP-4216 and de-manifest after approximately 10 minutes. The subject is considered to have "failed" the Δ-0G Event, and will no longer be able to trigger another Δ-0G Event after this, regardless of the number of deceased dogs they may have owned.

Should the subject and an instance of SCP-4216-Δ be allowed to reunite, the instance will attempt to get the subject to follow it in the kennel by tugging on the subject's clothing in a direction facing the entrance to SCP-4216. In the event that the subject does follow the instance of SCP-4216-Δ into SCP-4216, the subject will de-manifest with the instance within the structure. All communications with the subject are also lost, and they are deemed irretrievable.

Failed Δ-0G Events have been recorded to cause psychological distress to the subject, as well as certain observers. Out of 31 tests conducted on SCP-4216, 22 of the tests' subjects have been diagnosed with complicated grief, and 5 have committed suicide after testing. It is unknown if this is directly correlated to SCP-4216's anomalous properties.

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