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Item#: SCP-4214
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4214 is currently stored in the Foundation database, along with several digital copies. Foundation webcrawlers are to delete any instances of SCP-4214 found on the Internet. No other copies of SCP-4214 exist outside the Foundation database.

No further containment procedures have been deemed necessary at this time.

Description: SCP-4214 is a digital image file depicting a muscular humanoid presenting what is believed to be a sealed container in its raised right hand. The image carries mild cognitohazardous properties, which manifest as a form of selective aphasia1 when its entirety is observed by a sapient entity. This effect is also carried over to any physical copies of the image.

SCP-4214's cognitohazardous effects cease within 12 hours, and have not been noted to leave affected individuals with any harmful secondary effects.

Addendum 4214.01: Recovered Chat Logs

Foundation webcrawlers discovered and recorded chat logs believed to be relevant to SCP-4214 from a GoI-5869 (“Gamers Against Weed”) chat room, attached below.


NunwithaGun: so that's like 43gb gone in total
NunwithaGun: jesus is very unhappy with me today
teemo: clearly
also_alia: yall i got some real funny shit up my sleeve
teemo: go on
also_alia: remember the hugh morganson guy?
also_alia: the one who attempted to clown on us?
also_alia: apparently he's doing an anart commission rn, idk for who
teemo: ok, and?
also_alia: its supposed to make people talk about whatever sorta product the client wants on it idk
also_alia: so i snuck in smthn of my own >:)
teemo: what does it do?
also_alia: not much difference tbh, it does make people talk when they see it
also_alia: fucks with their speech tho, so only gibberish comes out lol
also_alia: "oh yeah i love this company's djajadjf it's real tjeqcvio mmmm yeah baby"
teemo: lmao
NunwithaGun: lmao
lesbian_gengar: @also_alia i'm not sure it's a good idea to sabotage a commission like that. much more for an unknown client.
also_alia: itll be fine
also_alia: shit wears off in a few hours
also_alia: client cant possibly be anyone big, hugh belongs to the niche of the niche lol
teemo: finally, the perfect murder troll
also_alia: plus you know how well i can cover me tracks
NunwithaGun: we do just a lil bit of trolling
lesbian_gengar: ok fair it is sorta funny.
lesbian_gengar: still a bit dickish imo, sabotaging paid commissions.
also_alia: ye but this is senor hugh the nft fanboy were talking about
also_alia: its like those monkes are his muse or smthn
also_alia: and his commissions go for what, 50 dollars a pop?
also_alia: what sorta dumbass goes for a 50 dollar advertisement? lmao



big_floppo: i'm not a furry but having a fursona would actually be great
lesbian_gengar: lol
dado: hello friends who not liking the weed
also_alia: ??
big_floppo: wtf
lesbian_gengar: @bones

dado was kicked by bones.

lesbian_gengar: thanks, bones
big_floppo: what do you even call bird furries? birdies?
dado: hello one more time yes dado come in peace, anti weed gamer friends
teemo: idk lol

dado was banned by bones.

bones: I've deleted all invites for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
teemo: would it be called a birdsona instead then?
teemo: o7
big_floppo: o7
le_binganimus: o7
dado: dado is here to looking fora gamer
dado: u can trust dado yes
le_binganimus: what do people call reptile furries then
lesbian_gengar: how the fuck.
big_floppo: scalies
lesbian_gengar: there aren't even any invites anymore how are you here.
dado: no invitation is not problem for dado
dado: dado promises to leave after business finish
teemo: pray tell, @big_floppo, how do you know that?
lesbian_gengar: who are you looking for.
big_floppo: i plead the fifth
big_floppo: did you know that by technicality all bird furries are also scalies
dado: dado has no names but dado knows gamer added funny to dado fifty dollar commission
lesbian_gengar: @also_alia what did i tell you.
le_binganimus: @big_floppo no. stop that
also_alia: bruh
also_alia: @dado ok look, im sorry, ill reimburse you
also_alia: dm me your bank number, crypto wallet id, whatevs and ill send over the money
dado: dado does not accept funny money, dado is serious businessman
also_alia: im paying you in usd??
dado: dado said what dado said
also_alia: what
teemo: usd funny money lmao
le_binganimus: usd funnies
dado: donot worry alia gamer, dado is not angry but more impres by quality, dado considers alia gamer funny as fine improvement yes
also_alia: thanks??
dado: dado was not have high expectation for mister r we cool hugh, he draw dado not detail or accurate enough dado thinks
dado: is not easy to find the fine artist yes?
also_alia: so what do you want from me
dado: dado would like discuss for working with alia artist gamer to make new commission
le_binganimus: gamer moment
also_alia: i mean, sure i can make smthn for you
also_alia: its the least i could do
dado: very nice alia gamer
also_alia: whatre you gonna do with the old commission tho
dado: dado does not want old commission so dado has sent it to alia gamer for they to decide what do for they self
also_alia: oh lol i know what to do with this
also_alia: so what's the job @dado?
dado: before dado continue with detail of commission dado will make chat secure yes?


Note: Webcrawler present in the chat room during the above exchange was forcibly ejected despite there being no indication of detection by GoI-5869, with the following error message.

Error 420 (new gamer friend tell dado to put the four twenty): dado latest product not for es see pee eyes yet pls be the patient

Attempts to access the aforementioned chat room have failed thus far.

Addendum 4214.02: Discovery

SCP-4214 was recovered from a gift-wrapped box mailed to Site-39. The contents of the box included a non-anomalous USB drive containing SCP-4214, as well as a non-anomalous loudspeaker that played audio of the entire 2007 Bee Movie in its entirety on loop when opened.

Addendum 4214.03: Update 20/05/2021

Following their voluntary exposure to SCP-4214, a non-anomalous portrayal of the image has been created by D-24601, as attached below.

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