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Item #: SCP-4214

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4214-A and SCP-4214-B are to be kept in separate containment cells in Site 103. Each containment cell is to be under constant video surveillance. All personnel assigned to monitor SCP-4214 must be self-proclaimed atheists. Any personnel avowing devout faith in any religion attempting to enter either containment chamber are to be prevented by any means up to and including termination.

Description: SCP-4214 refers to two objects, designated SCP-4214-A and SCP-4214-B.

SCP-4214-A is a scepter 80 centimeters in length, constructed of gold with silver ornamentation. It is topped with an emerald cut into a sphere approximately 12 centimeters in diameter. Below the emerald are three sockets that appear to have been designed to hold other jewels. Marks indicate that at some point, the other jewels on SCP-4214-A were forcefully pried from their sockets. On the haft of the scepter is engraved in Arabic: "And through his faith, the Kingdom comes."

When SCP-4214-A is touched by a person who expresses significant religious faith, they will experience a vision of a significant figure in their religion. Immediately after this vision ends, the subject will attempt to take SCP-4214-A and bring it into contact with SCP-4214-B. The subject will show little to no concern for their own life or the lives of others in the pursuit of this goal. When SCP-4214-A is removed from the subject, they will attempt to recover it until physically unable to do so. In the event that SCP-4214 has been removed from the subject for an indeterminate period of time (current observations range from 2 hours to 7 days), the subject will become extremely agitated, proclaiming that they have 'failed to bring the kingdom'. After several hours of this, the subject will commit suicide.

To date, only one subject was lucid enough after capture to be interviewed. The subject remained lucid for 6 days 13 hours, at which point he managed to escape restraints by breaking several of the major bones in his hands. Subject then attacked one of the on-site security personnel, forcing the guard to shoot him. Subject expired from his wounds 45 minutes later.

SCP-4214-B is a sandstone arch approximately 3 meters in height. It was transported to Site-103 from its original location in southern India after carvings were matched with those on SCP-4214-A. Carbon dating indicates that the archway is roughly 900 years old. The carving appears to be in a form of Arabic, proclaiming that 'here stands the border to the Prester's Empire'.

SCP-4214-B possesses no anomalous properties except when brought into contact with SCP-4214-A. When SCP-4214-A is brought within 1 meter of SCP-4214-B, the archway will form a portal into an extradimensional space designated SCP-4214-C. This portal appears as a curtain of green light. This property can be activated by anyone in possession of SCP-4214-A, whether or not they are under its effect.

Once an individual has passed through SCP-4214-B, it appears to be bonded to them somehow. From that point on, only this subject can pass through the portal. It is unknown if death will cause this bond to cease.

Objects can only pass through SCP-4214-B when taken through by a human. Video footage cannot be transmitted through SCP-4214-B - however, this restriction does not apply to audio.

Addendum 4214.1: Exploration Logs

After further tests on SCP-4214-A failed to provide valuable data, exploration into SCP-4214-C was authorised by Project Supervisor Adams.

Addendum 4214.2: Retrieved Journals
Prior to Incident 4214-Alpha, these journals were sent to Dr. ███████ for translation. The remaining pages were translated fully nearly one month after the incident.

Addendum 4214.3: Incident Report
This footage was transmitted to O5 Command after the detonation of Site-103's on-site warhead.

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