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3/4210 LEVEL 3/4210
Item #: SCP-4210


SCP-4210-03 prior to containment, located at █████, MA

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4210 is to be placed in a safe secure box at Site-██. Houses constructed according to SCP-4210 are to have 2m high fences installed around the perimeter of the land, under the guise of construction work. Properties surrounding these houses are to be purchased by The Foundation, with at least one building utilized as a guard barracks and research laboratory.

Four guards are to be placed around the perimeter of SCP-4210 in disguise as construction workers in six-hour rotating shifts. Any and all persons attempting to enter an SCP-4210 house without approval from on-site Level 3 researcher are to be detained and administered Class A amnestics. Windows are to be heavily tinted on SCP-4210 houses in order to prevent a security breach. Persons leaving SCP-4210 houses after being removed by other entities are to be interviewed and sent to Site-██ for Psychological Evaluation and amnestic treatment.

Description: SCP-4210 is an anomalous residential floor plan, supposedly produced by architectural company S███████ Inc. However, no records of this company have been recovered. On the backside, the writings "The American Dream. Our Dream. 19██" and "Japan [ILLEGIBLE]-lesses me because this - 改善1" are present in black ink. Houses built using SCP-4210 are identical in material, size and room numbers, only differing in furnishings. The Foundation is currently aware of five SCP-4210 houses, all residing in the continental United States.

After spending a prolonged period of time in a house constructed according to SCP-4210, persons begin to undergo psychological changes, expressing strong desires to make themselves and other people within the house "perfectionists".2 The "perfection" the entities strive for, is directly reminiscent of the American 1950s "nuclear family" stereotype, as detailed below. At any one time there is a maximum of four (one of each entity type) SCP-4210 entities in an SCP-4210 house.

  • SCP-4210-A refers to persons who are biologically male and are between the ages of 25-50. After spending a total of 29 hours in the house, SCP-4210-A will begin to exhibit behavior typical of a father figure, such as romantic attraction towards SCP-4210-B and fatherly behavior towards SCP-4210-C and SCP-4210-D. Typical behavior includes dressing in business attire, watching television programs and simultaneously consuming alcoholic beverages, and participating in "catch" with SCP-4210-C.
  • SCP-4210-B refers to persons who are biologically female and are between the ages of 25-50. Similarly to SCP-4210-A, SCP-4210-B will exhibit motherly behavior. Typical behavior includes producing meals and beverages for itself and other entities, cleaning previously used cutlery, reading magazines and conversing with SCP-4210-A about its day.
  • SCP-4210-C and SCP-4210-D refers to persons who are under the age of 24. SCP-4210-C will act in a way similar to children or teenagers, depending on its age and gender. Instances under the age of five are completely dependent on SCP-4210-B for sustenance. Physical fights between older instances of SCP-4210-C/D are common.

A subject entering an SCP-4210 house that fits criteria for one of the aforementioned entities that already exists in the house will gradually start to exhibit behaviours of the respective SCP-4210 entity. Subjects will become SCP-4210 entities at a less gradual rate3 and will decide to "join the Family". Over a short period of time, the new entity will become more accepted by the family. The fate of the previous instance depends on the family; usually, they are either ignored or banished from the house forcefully.

If one of the SCP-4210 entities no longer matches the criteria for an SCP-4210 entity4, the family will actively seek out candidates for replacement, often by inviting neighbors to events such as dinners.

Discovery: On ██/██/19██ local police were called to the report of a disturbance in residential ██████, CA. Upon arriving at the scene police discovered a man running down █████ St. wearing only underwear, shouting "How could they replace me!" continuously for ~7 minutes. When brought in for questioning at the local police station, the man, named M██████ Scratton, explained that he was eating dinner with his family at his home, when a stranger knocked on his door. In under 15 minutes, Mr Scratton was removed from his home with only his underwear and SCP-4210 in his possession.

Mr Scratton was questioned about the origins of the floor plan and any locations of other houses using its design. Mr Scratton refused to answer about the origins; however, he gave the location of four more houses. He was unwilling to share how he knew of these houses. Mr Scratton was subsequently administered amnestics and released to the public under Foundation watch.

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