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An instance of SCP-4209 attempting to activate the 2nd floor personnel break room stove during testing.

Item#: SCP-4209

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-4209 are to be stored within a specialty containment locker lined with light synthetic padding within Storage Wing-12, at Site-64. The locker's temperature should be maintained at 3° to 8° C. SCP-4209 is to be fed a diet consisting of gelatin, water, fruit juices, oatmeal, and ice cream daily. There are currently 27 instances of SCP-4209 in foundation custody. Should any other instances be found, MTF Alpha-4 ("Pony Express") are to intercept shipments of grocery suppliers and retrieve cartons containing SCP-4209.

Description: SCP-4209 is a collection of eggs, commonly located in groups of six (6) or more. SCP-4209 colonies have only been found in 12 pack █████ ████ brand egg cartons in seemingly random grocery stores around the United States. Each individual egg weighs 57.2 grams, and has a smiley face drawn on the front with a black sharpie. The shells of SCP-4209 appear to be extremely strong compared to regular egg shells, making them very durable and difficult to harm. Colonies of SCP-4209 are able to operate individually, and can roll around to get to certain areas. Specimens are not capable of speech, but are able to move around to form responses, such as "yes" and "no." The temperaments of SCP-4209 colonies are fairly docile, and they show extreme elation and affection towards humans, particularly when doing something in relation with cooking. The observed main behavior of SCP-4209 is to aid humans when in the kitchen, usually by displacing small objects like salt shakers when a subject is preparing a meal, or attempting to turn on the stove when subjects are seen preparing raw poultry such as chicken or beef. Large groups of SCP-4209, particularly groups of twelve (12) and higher, are able to prepare full meals such as salads, grilled chicken, and toast. SCP-4209 is also capable of preparing a table for eating, by setting up silverware and rolling plates over to subjects.

Addendum SCP-4209-A: "Reminder to all staff: Please do not bring specimens of SCP-4209 home to "help with cooking." These specimens aren't toys, or helpers because you can't cook a decent plate of pasta. The only reason you should be taking them anywhere is for specialized testing in the 2nd floor personnel break room. Any staff members seen trying to take SCP-4209 home will be reprimanded accordingly."

-Dr. ████

Testing Logs: The following is a log of all tests performed upon SCP-4209. All of these tests were performed in a kitchen environment, more notably the 2nd floor personnel break room.

Number of SCP-4209 Specimens: Two (2)
Ingredients: 2 slices of plain white bread, a jar of strawberry jelly, a plastic knife
Result: Jelly sandwich
Notes: Instead of using the plastic knife for spreading the jelly, SCP-4209-1 instead inserted itself inside the jar of jelly, and proceeded to roll on top of the slices of bread.

Number of SCP-4209 Specimens: Two (2)
Ingredients: Strawberry, strawberry huller
Result: Nothing
Notes: SCP-4209's knowledge of kitchen utensils has come into question. Further testing is required.

Number of SCP-4209 Specimens: Seven (7)
Ingredients: Raw chicken breast, a bottle of paprika, a bottle of salt, a bottle of pepper, a bottle of oil, a pan
Result: Seasoned grilled chicken breast
Notes: Chicken breast was cooked perfectly, right amount of seasoning and cooking time. SCP-4209's knowledge of kitchen utensils are average.

Number of SCP-4209 Specimens: Six (6)
Ingredients: 2 eggs, a bottle oil, a bottle of salt, a bottle of pepper, stick of butter, a pan
Result: Nothing
Notes: SCP-4209 specimens refused to cook the egg. Whether provoked or calmly told to do so, SCP-4209 still refused.

Number of SCP-4209 Specimens: One (1)
Ingredients: Cup of black coffee, cup of sugar, cup of creamer, cup of caramel drizzle
Result: Cup of coffee with creamer
Notes: SCP-4209 specimen was told before starting to only put creamer inside the coffee. SCP-4209 followed directions.

Number of SCP-4209 Specimens: One (1)
Ingredients: Cup of black coffee, cup of sugar, cup of creamer, cup of caramel drizzle
Result: Cup of coffee with overwhelming amounts of sugar
Notes: The SCP-4209 specimen was not given specific directions, and was allowed to independently add anything inside the coffee. SCP-4209 produced a cup of coffee, extremely sweet.

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