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Item #: SCP-4208

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Videos uploaded to SCP-4208 prior to containment are scheduled for deletion 08/03/2018. Videos uploaded to SCP-4208 subsequent to containment are to be uploaded onto a secure hard-drive and deleted.

Note - After risk evaluation, all planned interviews post-09/14/2018 of SCP-4208-1 are postponed indefinitely.

Description: SCP-4208 is a YouTube account known as ‘Naomi’s Sweetery’. SCP-4208 uploads videos biweekly. Videos uploaded by SCP-4208 are listed to be approximately eight (8) to twenty-four (24) minutes long in length. Despite this listing, SCP-4208’s anomalous nature typically prevents viewers from reaching the end of a video uploaded by SCP-4208.

SCP-4208’s videos primarily consist of a young woman of Japanese descent who refers to herself as ‘Naomi’ (designated SCP-4208-1) performing tutorials for baking traditional Japanese desserts. Each video takes place in a standard Japanese house kitchen. SCP-4208’s anomalous properties take place upon viewing any of the videos uploaded by SCP-4208. If viewing any of the content uploaded by SCP-4208 for the first time, the video will begin as normal. Approximately half-way through the listed runtime, SCP-4208-1 will abruptly stop the actions it is currently doing, as well as take the proper safety precautions (eg. turn off the oven, stove, mixer). SCP-4208-1 will proceed to address the viewer, stating that it "hated having to pretend again, but feels that each new viewer needs the proper welcome". SCP-4208-1 will then make its way to the edge of the video screen and pull back a ‘sliding door’. SCP-4208-1 will jump out of the video screen, and begin to interact with the rest of the contents on the screen, continuing to address the viewer.

When SCP-4208-1 reaches the screen outside of the video player, it will be able to perform a range of anomalous effects including:

  • ‘Sitting’ on the edge between the video screen and main screen.
  • Reading through and rearranging the comments on its videos by ‘hand’.
  • Jumping into suggested videos, as well as additionally opened YouTube video tabs.
  • Blending into the environment of other YouTube videos via mimicking the appearance of items in the video.

When revisiting SCP-4208 proceeding to watch a different video, SCP-4208-1 will greet the viewer it recognizes, and thank them for not leaving it alone. SCP-4208-1 will ask the viewer to open another video tab of a video portraying their favorite hobby so it "can learn what its friends like".

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