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Item #: SCP-4207



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4207-A and SCP-4207-B are to be contained in a standard containment locker equipped with at least one audio recording device. Removal of SCP-4207-A from SCP-4207-B is prohibited. Personnel should monitor SCP-4207-B for any changes in audio activity.

At least one Level-2 personnel or higher is to converse with SCP-4207-C for a maximum of ten minutes daily. This should be done in an internally soundproof environment to prevent external influence and other auditory disturbance. Conversations are to be recorded in full with the designated audio recording device provided on-site. These conversations are to be submitted to the acting Senior Researcher on duty.

Description: SCP-4207 is a TDK SA90 Type II audio cassette (SCP-4207-A) inserted in a Type EL 3302 cassette player (SCP-4207-B). Removing SCP-4207-A from SCP-4207-B and playing it in any other device does not eliminate its anomalous properties. Attempts to pause, rewind and overwrite SCP-4207-A through SCP-4207-B's piano keys have so far been ineffective.

The tape inside SCP-4207-A is constantly moving at a speed of 7.2 cm/s (from left to right) despite the absence of any obvious power source, and maintains this movement even after removal from SCP-4207-B. Since initial containment, SCP-4207-A's continuous playback has been calculated to a length of at least 21,000 kilometers, or approximately 120,000 hours of playtime.1


Spectrogram of SCP-4207-C during 01/28/████.

When in proximity of an individual's effective hearing range, SCP-4207-B commences the audio of an entity designated as SCP-4207-C. Removing SCP-4207-A from SCP-4207-B prohibits this anomalous effect. SCP-4207-C will then attempt to communicate with the individual verbally, usually through a distorted woman's voice. Surveillance shows that SCP-4207-B is mostly passive outside the proximity of any individual, playing unintelligible noises of various composition. However, there are certain occasions SCP-4207-C plays indistinct vocalizations within the background. Despite resembling English, auditory analysis from these vocalizations has been inconclusive due to the severely distorted quality of audio when recorded to another media.

SCP-4207-A appears to record any conversation and auditory phenomena within its area of effect, even after withdrawal from SCP-4207-B. In most cases, after two or more interactions with the same individual, SCP-4207-C has been observed to replay recorded audio in order to justify its position in discussion, preserving a sense of continuity. These includes transcripts and/or excerpts from various conversations and other acoustic phenomena such as electronic noises, indistinct chatters, etc. The process by which SCP-4207-C is able to access these recordings through SCP-4207-A despite variations in time stamps and physical restrictions is currently unknown.

Addendum 01: On 01/14/████, an estimated 95 false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens) beached themselves on a remote mangrove beach in mainland Monroe County, Florida, in the western Everglades National Park. Site-███ initially anticipated the event due to an unidentified auditory anomaly triangulated throughout the region. Site-113 Director ████ ████████ was subsequently advised to immediately send personnel on the location.

Upon arrival, Simoun Hayder and two other Foundation agents discovered a 17 year old female named Mia Burke at the scene, in possession of SCP-4207-B. Burke was in a state of panic and distress. Since the location was remote and the event too coincidental, Agent Hayder contacted Site-113 and reported the incident. After confirmation, Agent Hayder immediately detained Burke and confiscated the object.

Foundation agents returned to the location after approximately twenty minutes and found that most of the whales had disappeared, with the exception of three expired specimens. Autopsy revealed that all of the specimens had auditory impairment which might have led to their beaching.

The following interviews were conducted after the initial designation of SCP-4207:

Addendum 02: On 03/17/████, Junior Researcher Sheen Alvarez requested to personally test SCP-4207-A on a player similar to SCP-4207-B. Site-113 Supervisor Eldin Greene approved the request due to the noticeable cooperation of SCP-4207-C from interactions and considerably low threat to personnel. However, after being inserted, SCP-4207-C immediately reacted in a unique manner, differing from previous interactions. Below is a transcript of the audio log from the incident:


A mass stranding of 140 cetaceans in ██████, Australia.

Approximately two hours after contact with SCP-4207-C, an estimated 140 whale specimens, from various species of toothed whales (Odontoceti), beached themselves at ████ Bay, ██ kilometers from the coast of Site-113 in ██████, Australia. Two killer whales (Orcinus orca)2 attacked and killed three personnel attempting to sedate them. Site Director Scarlet Winters decided to [REDACTED] so that the whales could be sent back as swiftly as possible to prevent public attention. The incident was successfully neutralized after three hours, with the Foundation experiencing three casualties and six other minor injuries.


Spectrogram of SCP-4207-C in 03/21/████.

Addendum 03: For six days, SCP-4207-A was not returned to SCP-4207-B, which consequently affected the behavior of SCP-4207-C. From all the interviews taken, SCP-4207-C was entirely unresponsive. While mostly in a continuous play of white noise, there were certain occasions in which recordings of "waves" and "rain", along with other inaudible noises, were played for several hours at random intervals. On 03/21/████, a series of "clicks" and "pulses" were played for approximately thirty minutes. Auditory analysis suggests a cetacean origin, specifically in the Delphinidae family, although this is highly speculative due to insufficient spectrographic data. This behavior and audio activity continued until SCP-4207-A was finally returned to SCP-4207-B on 03/23/████.

Addendum 04: On 04/02/████, a pygmy killer whale (Feresa attenuata) was found stranded on the coast of New Caledonia, ███ kilometers from Site-113. The specimen expired two hours later due to parasitic encephalitis caused by nematodes. A cassette physically identical to SCP-4207-A was retrieved from the specimen's digestive tract. The tape contains no recorded audio and has no other unusual properties except for an inscription that appears to be laminated:


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