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The weapon involved in the SCP-4200 event, shortly after initial construction.

Item #: SCP-4200

Object Class: Safe/Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4200 has been successfully expunged from the historical record, due to the secretive nature of the Manhattan Project and extensive cooperation with the Foundation by the US government. Three individuals, all of whom were affected by SCP-4200, have been expunged from all records, and relatives to these individuals have been treated with Class-O amnestics.

SCP-4200-1's perimeter is surrounded by a three metre high solidified chain-link fence, at a continuous distance of ten metres from the area itself. Signs are posted at frequent intervals warning that the area is a former nuclear testing site, and thus contains hazardous radioactive waste.

Description: SCP-4200 is the designation for an anomalous event which occurred on the fourteenth of November, 1942 in the New Mexico desert. The event involved the detonation and subsequent malfunction of a weapon of mass destruction, constructed as a side project during the Manhattan Project, with anomalous technology salvaged from a site off the coast of Antikythera island, Greece.

The believed series of events is as follows: the weapon was placed at a designated point, before being armed by three scientists - now identified as Timothy Noble, Erik Myers and Bernard Kamen. During countdown to detonation, the weapon malfunctioned and detonated early before the scientists were at a safe distance. The weapon, all three scientists, the vehicle they were travelling in, and a large amount of sediment seemingly instantly dematerialized from the site. US soldiers and Foundation operatives conducted extensive searches of the surrounding area, to no avail.

The site of the detonation has been designated SCP-4200-1. This number designates an approximately 900m² area of land. SCP-4200-1 has been measured to have an abnormally low Hume level, with Kant counters recording readings of anywhere from 10-60 Humes. Individuals that spend extensive amounts of time in the area note that they have slowed reflexes, and are apparently drawn to three particular points in different areas of SCP-4200-1. This effect is believed to be both physical and psychological, as sand and other small objects have accumulated in large amounts at the aforementioned three points.

Addendum: The following is an audio transcript of the SCP-4200 event, recorded by Manhattan Project scientists. The audio is currently in Foundation possession.


DATE: 14/11/1942

NOTE: Audio log is transcribed approximately thirteen minutes into the testing, just after the weapon is armed. The three individuals were using handheld transceivers for communication.


Test Command: T minus 50 until detonation.

Myers: Are you excited, Bernard?

Kamen: Very. I can't wait to drop one of these on Hitler's doorstep.

The three laugh.

Test Command: 30 seconds.

Myers: Hopefully the war will end before we need to, though.

Kamen: Then what's the point?

Test Command: 20 seconds.

Noble: I agree with Erik here. It's good we've got this point, thank god for the site in Greece. Otherwise we wouldn-

The weapon detonates. Myers, Kamen and Noble all vanish, along with the weapon and vehicle, which leaves a slight crater.

Test Command: What the hell just happened? Erik? Tim?

There is no response.

Test Command: Someone go out there and report to me what the hell just happened.

There is silence for approximately four minutes while the test command attempts to deduce what occurred.

Noble: H-hello? Command?

Test Command: Where the hell are you?

Noble: I-I don't know. I can barely move or see. It's like something is weighing down on me from all sides.

Test Command: Where are Myers and Kamen?

Noble: I don't know. Shit.

Noble calls out for the other individuals.

Kamen: I'm here… fuck… I can't move at all. My arms and legs are s-stuck in somewhere. I don't know.

Noble: Where's Erik?

Kamen: I can see him in front of me, just barely. He's not moving either.

Test Command: We're going to try and figure out where you are and get you out.

Kamen: I can't feel my heartbeat. I don't have a heartbeat!

Noble: We need to just st-

A sudden cracking noise is heard.

Noble: It's breaking my arm! Get us out of here, now!

Test Command: We don't even know where you are!

More cracking sounds are heard. The three scientists begin to scream, including Myers who has seemingly awoken. This continues for around 50 seconds until the transmission cuts out.

Test Command: We've lost them. I need a team on this, right now. Now!


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