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3/4198 LEVEL 3/4198
Item #: SCP-4198


SCP-4198-α at rest

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-4198 is to be protected by a chainlink fence and signage warning of both a condemned building and hazardous waste. In the event of a containment breach, on-site containment teams are to be equipped with chemical spray hoses containing a solution of 5M sodium hydroxide or other industrial-grade alkaline solution in order to neutralize instances of SCP-4198-1.

Description: SCP-4198 is the designation for a collection of sapient wigs contained at an industrial complex near Newark, New Jersey, USA. This is the former site of 'Parson's Periwigs & Manufactury' which closed unexpectedly in 1974 and was purchased by the Foundation in 2006 after the death of three local teenagers. All known instances of SCP-4198 are primarily composed of human hair, nylon, and other materials endemic to the wig making process.

Instances of SCP-4198-1 generally vary in height from 1 to 2 meters. Each is composed of individually styled and colored hairs that are formed into pseudopods analogous to arms and legs surrounding a central mass of invariably auburn hair. Although instances of SCP-4198-1 lack apparent sensory organs, they are capable of crude vocalizations produced via unknown means. This level of communication is used to execute rudimentary coordination in their day to day behaviors.

While not actively hostile, instances of SCP-4198-1 do demonstrate territorial aggression and respond with coordinated defense.

Discovery Log 4198.1
Synopsis: Resources at Site-28 were notified by a Foundation plant in the Essex County Sheriff's Department regarding a number of missing person reports in the Newark area. Several 'urban explorers' had been reported missing over the course of years but their disappearances were not correlated until the discovery of a body near the abandoned site of Parson's Periwigs. The following video log was recorded by the team sent to evaluate the site.

Exploration Log 4198.2
Synopsis: A tactical recon drone was deployed to the site of 'Parson's Periwigs & Manufactury' in order to locate the body of Agent Granger for recovery. This mission was initiated two days after the events of Discovery Log 4198.1

Addendum 4198.3

The headless body of Agent Granger was discovered by Site-28 personnel 6 days after the events of Exploration Log 4198.2.

In addition to the obvious trauma, the subject died with substantial muscular atrophy, apparent cardiac arrhythmia, dramatically reduced liver function, and dramatically reduced kidney function. The contents of the stomach and large intestines were found to be large quantities of undigested human hair, modacrylic, polyester, and commercial hair dye. The hair recovered from the stomach was not a match to Agent Granger in either color or length.

Agent Granger's recoverable remains were cremated and interred.

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