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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4197 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell.

Description: SCP-4197 is a thirty-two-year-old adult humanoid female named Doctor Sarah Veers, an acclaimed surgeon and known practitioner of cytomancy.1 Examination revealed that SCP-4197's torso is occupied only by its heart and a partial respiratory system, with the rest of the abdomen being entirely hollow. This space stores four prehensile appendages when said appendages are not in use. According to SCP-4197, this condition predates its knowledge of the cytomatic arts, a fact corroborated by photographs taken from its family home.

A demonstrative depiction of SCP-4197 by Doctor Turner2.

Discovery: SCP-4197 came to the Foundation's attention after a news outlet reported that an American surgeon removed several brain tumors from a twelve-year-old boy in Botswana, with the child making a full recovery in less than two days. SCP-4197 was apprehended the following week outside of Gaborone, where it was dispensing mosquito netting and anti-malarial drugs to the populace. SCP-4197 surrendered without a struggle and has cooperated with Foundation inquires, with some reluctance.

According to its passport and journals, SCP-4197 had spent four years traveling through impoverished countries, where it performed an unknown number of surgeries; utilizing cytomancy to aid its procedures.

Test Logs | Various Dates:

The following tests were conducted to judge the extent of SCP-4197's capabilities. SCP-4197 was provided with standard medical equipment, as well as the necessary materials for cytomatic rituals.

Subject: D-24729

Condition Present: Severe tendon and ligament damage related to employment in the construction/restoration sectors as a civilian.

Procedure Conducted: SCP-4197 placed its hand on D-24729's forehead, causing him to become unconscious. It then removed a scalpel from the kit provided and made four incisions on the side of the knees and the interior of the elbow. SCP-4197 drew a sigil in oil paint around each site, which halted the flow of blood. Following this, SCP-4197 took several portions of bull sinew and inserted them into D-24729's wounds. After drawing a larger sigil on D-24729's chest, it began to suture the incisions.

Outcome: D-24729 reported immediate relief from his chronic pain.

Subject: Doctor Richard Blanc

Condition Present: Spontaneous kidney failure and acute blood poisoning. Emergency procedure conducted due to Site-12's remoteness.

Procedure Conducted: SCP-4197 drew a sigil on Dr. Blanc's ankle with an appendage, using its own blood, before creating a one-centimeter incision in the center of the sigil and placing a shallow basin beneath it. Black liquid began to seep out of the wound. After administering a blood transfusion via IV, SCP-4197 made two incisions above Dr. Blanc's kidneys with a scalpel. SCP-4197 then used the scalpel to carve symbols associated with the Sarkic cults into the back of its hands, crying out in pain several times. After composing itself, SCP-4197 reached into Dr. Blanc's torso and removed his kidneys with its bare hands. It then took the kidneys, which were blackened and showed severe scarring, and wrung them out over the basin. After two minutes, the kidneys were reinserted into Dr. Blanc and SCP-4197 sutured the wounds.

Outcome: Doctor Richard Blanc experienced a full recovery, with no side effects. The basin used in the surgery was found to contain a black liquid comprised of toxins usually filtered by the kidneys. SCP-4197 exhibited symptoms consistent with severe sleep deprivation and slept for the next three days.


Subject: Captain Tobias Bell

Condition Present: Massive comminuted fractures in the legs and complete paralysis after the destruction of the spinal column between the C4 and L4 vertebrae in a vehicular collision.

Procedure Conducted: SCP-4197 engraved a seven-pointed star into the operating table, placing a single drop of axolotl blood4 in the center, before instructing attendants to place Cpt. Bell on the table. SCP-4197 then ran its fingernail across Cpt. Bell's thighs and calves, causing the skin and muscle to split and splay out. Over the next two hours, SCP-4197 reassembled the splinters of his femur, patella, tibia, and fibula with surgical tweezers, utilizing all of its appendages in this process. Once completed, SCP-4197 held the split muscle and skin together with its left thumb and forefinger, licked its right thumb and ran it over the seam, sealing the wound.

SCP-4197 repeated this process with Cpt. Bell's spinal column, taking additional measures to ensure the proper reconnection of nerves and blood vessels.

Outcome: Captain Tobias Bell was reinstated to active duty two weeks later. SCP-4197 entered a comatose state after the conclusion of the procedure and remained in that state for five days.


Containment Breach:


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