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Item #: SCP-4192
Object Class: Safe
Site Responsible: USPAPH Site-98
Director: Harvey Henshaw
Research Head: Yves Tardtakovsky
Assigned Task Force: N/A
Level 3/4192



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4192 is to be kept inside a QED (Quantum Electrodynamic) Vacuum Chamber1, which is placed within a high-value, Safe-Class anomalous item locker. Testing with SCP-4192 should only be limited to research and with permission from Dr. Phoenix.

Description: SCP-4192 refers to the nucleus of a single Hydrogen atom that emits radio waves at random intervals. Extensive analysis on SCP-4192 has shown that despite its abnormal nature, it behaves and functions properly as any nucleon or hadron would; having a positive electric charge, an elementary charge, and possessing a mass less than that of a neutron.

Research on SCP-4192's makeup has been inconclusive as SCP-4192 does not appear to be composed of quarks but of something else entirely. Analysis of the radio waves generated by SCP-4192 have been recorded at 15 to 18 MHz in the form of Cosmic background noise.

Addendum 4192.1: Experimentation

Due to the sensitive nature of SCP-4192, the Artificial Intelligent Conscript, Goliath.aic, was created specifically to handle equipment and containment as well as perform experiments pertaining to SCP-4192.

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