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SCP-4191 and SCP-4191-ẟ

Item #: SCP-4191

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4191 is to be contained in a standard steel containment cell lined with a heat-resistant metal such as titanium. Food will be automatically dispensed once per day. Any leftover meat will be retrieved by 1 Class-D personnel wearing a fire-retardant suit.

A small number of flammable materials (usually pieces of wood) are to be introduced twice a week to fill SCP-4191's needs. Aside from the regulated introduction of wood, no flammable materials are to be introduced within the chamber at all times.

SCP-4191 is a Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) suffering from pyromania. SCP-4191 wears a papier mâché outfit made to resemble a common western dragon, designated SCP-4191-ẟ. SCP-4191 is capable of generating fire through SCP-4191-ẟ by self-immolation - both SCP-4191 and SCP-4191-ẟ are completely immune to the fire generated by the outfit. Removing SCP-4191-ẟ from SCP-4191 is possible, although if separated for a long time, SCP-4191 will become agitated. Analysis of SCP-4191-ẟ shows that it secretes a liquid with a glue-like consistency; this liquid is highly flammable. It is unknown how SCP-4191 manages to light up the substance.

Testing has revealed that SCP-4191 is an infertile young adult male. Despite SCP-4191's pyromaniac nature, it is rather friendly and cooperative with Foundation personnel, happily playing (and subsequently incinerating) various toys given.

SCP-4191 was first discovered by foundation agents following reports of multiple fires breaking out in the small village of S██████, France. After 4 days of tracking down the anomaly, SCP-4191 was intercepted and restrained by agents a few minutes after burning down an abandoned barn in a nearby village.

Addendum SCP-4191 - 01/07/2015:
Over the years of SCP-4191's containment, staff noticed that SCP-4191 started slowly eating less and less, becoming thinner almost to the point of the ribcage's outline showing on the side of SCP-4191. Foundation personnel trying to interact with SCP-4191 resulted in the subject being uninterested, simply walking away.

The following is a conversation recorded of Researcher Wasp and Senior Researcher Avalon on the Foundation's intranet service:

SR_Wasp: hey Marcus
R_Hoffman: Yeah?
SR_Wasp: we got an issue with 4191, it hasn't eaten for 3 days now
R_Hoffman: Are you sure?
SR_Wasp: yeah, we tried to force-feed it but it just spat out the food like it was junk
R_Hoffman: Strange
R_Hoffman: Did you ask Sparks if he could help?
SR_Wasp: No I haven't, I heard he was busy with something important. But it is worth a shot
[10 minutes later]
R_Hoffman: So any news
SR_Wasp: Yeah I asked him if he was free and he said yes. Lemme add him to the chat
Z_Sparks has been added to the channel
Z_Sparks: Yo, so what's this problem you told me about
R_Hoffman: One of the SCPs we are assigned to is slowly starving to death, we can't find the reason why
SR_Wasp: Hey and yeah that's pretty much it.
Z_Sparks: mmh, did anything happen that could have traumatized it?
SR_Wasp: Nah we checked with all the personnel assigned to it and camera footage, everything is normal
R_Hoffman: Apparently from what Wasp told me it doesn't even want to interact with the researchers despite being a relatively social animal.
Z_Sparks: I may have an idea, does it interact with other members of its species?
SR_Wasp: it's a unique individual so no.
Z_Sparks: There's your problem. It being unable to interact with another of its species for so long is a one-way ticket to a depressed animal.
R_Hoffman: I see where this is going, let me go talk to the superiors for the test approval and we'll proceed

Diagnosing this as a severe depression most likely caused by SCP-4191's lone status, Foundation Zoologist Sparks suggested the idea of introducing a Varanus komodoensis to SCP-4191, hoping that they would bond and cause SCP-4191 to cease its starvation.

Experiment Log 4191 - 1
Date: 01/10/2015

Purpose of the test: Preventing SCP-4191 from starving to death by introducing him to one of his kind.

Test Result: A young female Komodo dragon was introduced to the chamber. After 5 minutes, SCP-4191 started moving toward the female at a slow pace until fully facing the subject. The two sniffed each other for around 2 minutes and appeared to begin playing. 30 minutes after the beginning of the test, SCP-4191 suddenly lit itself up while the female was on top of him. Due to the sudden heat, the subject quickly went to hide in one of the corners of the chamber. SCP-4191 appeared distraught and tried to approach to no avail. The test ended after 5 minutes after the incident.
After the test, the female was treated for first-degree burns to the stomach and legs and was donated to a near-by zoo soon after.

Z_Sparks: So how did it go
R_Hoffman: It was a disaster.
Z_Sparks: How come
SR_Wasp: it accidentally injured the komodo. The test only worsened it's condition.
Z_Sparks: So wait, after reading the entry it says that it can burn things right?
R_Hoffman: Yeah pretty much
Z_Sparks: I remember reading a report about fire-breathing varans captured by the French division.
SR_Wasp: wait, are you suggesting we could cross-test the two? What if they don't consider 4191 one of their own and attack it?
R_Hoffman: It's our best solution, otherwise we'll have a neutralized SCP on our hands
Z_Sparks: ^
SR_Wasp: true, although who shall we contact to get a hold of one of those?
R_Hoffman: Apparently a researcher named Grym is responsible for them, I'll contact him.
Z_Sparks: Make sure to tell him its important.
R_Hoffman: yeah, yeah, let me handle it.

Addendum SCP-4191 - 01/16/2015:
It was decided to introduce SCP-4191 to SCP-124-FR that were discovered in Australia by the French branch of the Foundation on 06/17/2012. SCP-124-FR demonstrated a near immunity to fire and high temperatures. Senior Researcher Avalon requested Site Aleph to ship 2 SCP-124-FR instances to Site-248 for testing.

Experiment Log 4191 - 2
Date: 01/10/2015

Purpose of the test: Preventing SCP-4191 from starving to death by introducing it to a pair of SCP-124-FR instances.

Test Result: Both instances of SCP-124-FR were introduced. SCP-4191 immediately fled into the corner of its chamber and stayed there while the pair of SCP-124-FR began to explore the chamber. This lasted for 5 minutes until one instance of SCP-124-FR saw SCP-4191 moving toward it at a slow pace. Pausing every few seconds to stick its tongue out, until it was a meter away from SCP-4191, the pair stood motionless staring at each other. When SCP-124-FR approached SCP-4191 and began to sniff its neck, SCP-4191 immediately lit up on contact. SCP-124-FR backed up in shock, staring at SCP-4191 for a minute before advancing forwards and rubbing its head on SCP-4191 neck. It then turned and walked towards the other instance of SCP-124-FR. SCP-4191 tilted its head then followed SCP-124-FR. The other instance of SCP-124-FR sniffed SCP-4191 and began to rub its head on SCP-4191 shoulder. This grooming ritual lasted for 5 minutes before all three instances laid down with one instance of SCP-124-FR laying on either side of SCP-4191.

Following the test with the SCP-124-FRs, SCP-4191 was allowed to routinely meet with the pair, slowly regaining weight after regaining an appetite. After SCP-4191's recovery, its containment procedures were rewritten (leading up to revision REVISION 4191 - 2). A small colony of SCP-124-FR was imported from Site Aleph to Site 248 to be housed with SCP-4191.
After the initial introduction of SCP-4191 to the SCP-124-FR colony, SCP-4191 was accepted into the colony by the matriarch of the group.

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