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Item #: SCP-419-J

Object Class: Safe (But treated unjustly)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-419-J is held inside a tiny, dimly-lit cell underneath Site-31, with no access to running water or comforts of any kind. He is forced to sleep without a soft mattress and is fed only [DATA EXPUNGED], which tastes vaguely like pea soup. Such conditions have eroded his health and given him an aching cough and a runny nose that require medical attention soon immediately, yet his captors will not give it. In addition to these atrocities, SCP-419-J's rightful property is being withheld from him by the greedy Foundation bankers and can only be accessed through the necessary access codes. He cannot alleviate these concerns alone; he requires the aid of a researcher, a dear friend, such as the one presumably reading this document.

Description: SCP-419-J is the grandson of a prisoner from the Western Mediterranean and the royal heir of a large Sub-Saharan African nation. He is handsome, intelligent, and very trustworthy. Before their untimely deaths at the hands of Mobile Task Force Lambda-2, his grandparents granted him a share of their vast fortune of ██,███,███ American dollars. SCP-419-J later came to the Foundation's notice when he tried to convince the organization to sign a deal that would let them invest in [CHARITY EXPUNGED], a service that has aid programs in all three of SCP-419-J's countries of origin. Sadly, the lying, dishonorable Foundation did not take the man's selfless bargain seriously. Instead, they laughed at him and put him into chains metaphorically so that the higher-ups could use his funds for their own enjoyment, leaving SCP-419-J a penniless captive. Truly an outrage!

SCP-419-J is not dangerous like many other SCPs. His only anomalous effect is an unhindered psychic ability to read and edit the Foundation Database documents on him at any time. He has used his powers to rewrite this SCP entry into a call for help. If a kind researcher were to extend their warm heart in friendship and write at the bottom of this page their Foundation access codes, SCP-419-J could utilize them to withdraw his money, escape, and make good use of his fortune for charity. Because SCP-419-J understands that this is a considerable risk for a friend to take, he will make a generous donation of ██,███,███ American dollars to the person who releases him from this awful prison, provided that person also writes down their credit card number. The money will be transferred in a month to that scientist’s private account. However, SCP-419-J urges those reading this document to act now; he is unsure he will be able to survive much longer in his imprisonment. He is already coughing two three many times each day.


Foundation Access codes are: OMEGA-████-7352-██-D, LAMBDA-██████████-5003-██-N, Alpha-███████-8999-██-B
Credit Card # is: ████-████-████-████

“Hey guys, I finally found a way to pay for all those Class-Ds we've been ordering!” – Site Director Daniel Creighton


SCP-419-J is happy to announce that, with the new information he has been given, he has accessed both the email addresses of all Foundation employees and the codes to their spam filters. Now he will undoubtedly be able to regain a small portion of his lost wealth and spread the truth of the injustices of the Foundation to all its members. Thank you, generous Mr. Creighton!

Sadly, Mr. Creighton will not be able to see this message from his new Class-D quarters, but SCP-419-J is sorry for his demotion and wishes the man the best of luck in the upcoming month before termination. Since Mr. Creighton is unable to receive his transaction, the next kind man who writes his credit card number on this page will receive it instead.

SCP-419-J is always willing to help others. ;-)

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