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SCP-4187-1 and -2.

Item #: SCP-4187

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All roads leading to SCP-4187 are to be diverted away. SCP-4187-1 is to be fed 3 adult heifers daily, and SCP-4187-2 is to be monitored daily for food expulsion.

Description: SCP-4187 refers to a Burger King restaurant located in █████, Missouri, a town with a former population of 1,287. SCP-4187 consists of 2 symbiotic entities, hereafter referred to as SCP-4187-1 and SCP-4187-2.

SCP-4187-1 is a hostile, nocturnal entity that resembles a Burger King roadside sign. SCP-4187-1 is capable of movement through spontaneous spatial displacement. Nightly, SCP-4187-1 disappears and reappears in front of the closest living mammal to it. It then extends a thin, vascular appendage from the blue circle of the sign, which it uses to puncture the victim's brain, placing it in a vegetative state. The appendage then exsanguinates the prey, before using it to constrict the victim, and oftentimes its surroundings. SCP-4187-1 lifts its victim up and places it in a set of jaws that extends from the two "buns" on the sign. SCP-4187-1 then devours the victim, before wiping its "jaws" with the appendage, releasing a noise measuring at 110 decibels. After feeding, it reappears at its previous spot outside SCP-4187-2, before returning to an inactive state, akin to a standard Burger King roadside sign.

SCP-4187-2 is the designation of the restaurant building itself. A customer can order at a "Self Serve Kiosk" inside, and the ordered food is released from a chute titled "Whopper Popper." The released foods bear a resemblance to common Burger King menu items, such as Whoppers, chicken nuggets, or chicken club salads. However, these items are comprised entirely of the diet of SCP-4187-1.

Exploration of SCP-4187 is indefinitely postponed following Incident A-2.
Document 1: Testing Log

Date: 07/10/2034
Items Produced: 1 Angry Whopper, 1 medium sized French fry box, and one medium drink.
Composition: The patty of the burger consisted of chicken meat. The box of French fries contains inedible fries composed of hen femurs, and the drink is the liquified gastrointestinal tract of a common rooster.

Date: 08/10/2034
Items Produced: 1 BK Quad Stacker burger. The burger was discontinued nearly 25 years prior to the testing date.
Composition: The burger patty was a mix of mutton and chicken breast meat. The burger buns consisted of dog meat.

Date: 09/10/2034
Items Produced: 1 package of onion rings.
Composition: The rings were fried ribs of a common domestic dog.

Date: 10/10/2034
Items Produced: 1 chicken club salad.
Composition: The "meat" of the salad was beef. The lettuce consisted of thin sheets of keratin, while the sauce was coagulated milk.

Date: 11/10/2034
Items Produced: 1 medium drink, 1 medium package of fries.
Composition:Trace remains of clothing were found floating in the cup. Scraps read "D-ddy's —-tle bo-." The fries were consistent with plastic used in children's outdoor toys.

Note: Due to the ambiguous nature of how SCP-4187-1 and -2 were able to transmit prey from SCP-4187-1 to -2, an unmanned drone armed with a mechanical arm, knife, and flashlight were sent in. An abridged video log is attached below.

Note: Due to the nature of recent orders produced by SCP-4187-2, as well as the evidence retrieved by the Foundation drone, a force of 4 Foundation agents, watched by 1 command post, were ordered to explore the restaurant to report on its transport system between SCP-4187-1 and SCP-4187-2. An abridged transcription of the video log recorded by Scion-4's bodycam can be found below.

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