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Item #: SCP-4186

Object Class: Neutralized (Formerly Keter)

Archived Containment Procedures: SCP-4186 is to be monitored for unpredicted movement by Foundation climatologists. During a GLADYS event, SCP-4186-1 instances must all be collected.

Description: SCP-4186 was a dark gray cumulonimbus cloud approximately 0.5 km in length, and 1 km in height. Despite dry conditions in the areas it hovered over, SCP-4186 would not dissipate. Its path remained circular around the U.S. Mid-northwest. SCP-4186 always appeared dark gray, as if it were precipitating, even after an GLADYS event.

GLADYS events consisted of SCP-4186 expelling packages everyday at 3:21 p.m. The packages, hereafter SCP-4186-1, appeared consistent with packaging delivered by Amazon, Inc, a US-based e-commerce business. SCP-4186-1 instances contained letters and items delivered to and from "506 Preston Street, Tillamook, Michigan, USA."

After the events of 2001/12/30, SCP-4186 is considered Neutralized.

Log Of SCP-4186-1 Instances.
Postmarked Date Description of Package Contents
2001/01/11 One doormat, labelled "Welcome."
2001/01/13 3 pairs of prescription glasses, +1.75 in power.
2001/01/15 Letter in a standard A4 envelope. Attached is a single silver housekey. The letter reads as follows: "The time is now."
2001/02/01 Packages of rice, bread, orange juice, lettuce, a bar of chocolate, and a wheel of cheddar cheese.
2001/02/03 Picture in a standard A4 envelope, of 2 white children, one boy and one girl. Roughly 5 and 7 years of age, respectively. "Ben and Zo."
2001/02/04 A picture frame.
2001/02/05 A King James' 10th Edition Bible, with annotations in the margins.
2001/02/06 3 tubes of Fixodent.
2001/02/11 Opens to reveal a small box, akin to a ring box. One Medal Of Honor.
2001/02/12 One carved stone with about 500 tally marks made on it. Close inspection reveals each mark is a crude depiction of a human figure.
2001/02/16 Letter in a manila folder, marked CONFIDENTIAL. Papers inside the folder detail a previously unknown American military expedition, titled "Operation: Excelsion Drop."
2001/02/19 12 books of varying genres. Examples include "The Red Badge of Courage," to "Live, Love, Let Go."
2001/02/24 A bottle of Hank's Beard Oil.
2001/02/28 Picture in a standard A4 envelope. A color photo of 3 soldiers, with the individual in the middle circled. The back of the photo has a message written in black ink. "Are you still super?"
2001/03/05 Assorted items, including lead gloves, a new Wi-Fi router, as well as a document from Tillamook City Council requesting a name change to 'Jenson Diral,' from 'Brian Olas.'
2001/03/06 Packages of rice, bread, orange juice, lettuce, chocolate, a knitted blanket, and a book titled "How To Escape Reality."
2001/04/10 Bottles of acetaminophen, vitamin-c gummies, sertraline, fluoxetine, and prazosin.
2001/05/05 Nearly 100 assorted canned goods.
2001/07/01 Letter in a standard A4 envelope. Letter contains a newspaper clipping, translated from Russian: "September 12, 1967. Excelsion Found to Utilize Superhuman Capabilities: End Of Motherland as We Know It?" Message of letter reads as follows: "Don't you remember?"
2001/07/02 Letter in a standard A4 envelope, reading "Come back to us. You know we helped you. You have a debt that must be paid."
2001/07/11 Letter in a standard A4 envelope, reading "Talk to us." Package includes 20 textbooks on the upper human body.
2001/08/01 Letter in a standard A4 envelope. A notice of address change to Vanguard Monthly.
2001/08/15 One bag containing 5 pills of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine.
2001/08/22 Various items, including one tube of Brite-Shine toothpaste, 500 sheets of A4 printer paper, and 25 envelopes.
2001/09/05 One Colt .45 revolver, and 2 corresponding ammunition cases.
2001/09/13 Letter in a manila envelope, reading "You have such power. You could be important. Be who you are meant to be."

Note: After the GLADYS event of 2001/09/11, SCP-4186 ceased all actions for 3 months. SCP-4186 released a single letter on 2001/12/30, before expelling smoke and spent bullet casings. It then dissipated. SCP-4186 has not condensed again.

2001/12/30 .45 caliber bullet casings, smoke, letter in a standard A4 envelope, reading "But I already am."
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