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A replica of SCP-4183 which does not retain its anomalous effects.

Item #: SCP-4183

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the impending extinction of humanity following the after-effects of Event Indigo, these procedures are to be undertaken automatically by experimental containment drones.

SCP-4183 is to be contained in a storage unit located at Site-22, and kept under direct guard by at least one containment drone at all times. No visual observation of SCP-4183 is permitted due to the risk of surviving humans accessing the memory records of a containment drone. Two other containment drones are to patrol Site-22 to ensure the security of the installation remains absolute, as well as repair any damage that could threaten the containment of SCP-4183.

Any changes to these containment procedures by containment drones must be approved by Dr. Lesteigh. This is a hard-coded command and cannot be bypassed under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-4183 is a ceramic vase which, when visually observed by a human being1, will instantly kill said human being via exsanguination. In addition, all first degree blood relatives of the observer will expire in the same manner. This effect is retained through second-hand observation such as photographs or video footage.

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