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Item #: SCP-4181

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Though it is theorized SCP-4181-1 cannot leave SCP-4181, the noise created by its activities necessitates active containment. One D-Class personnel fluent in Spanish is to enter SCP-4181 on the last day of the month and enact Ritual 4181-a. Should this ritual fail, one personnel with experience in appeasing hostile entities via ritualistic interaction is to enter SCP-4181 and perform Ritual 4181-a instead. Agents embedded in the City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department may request enactment of Ritual 4181-a whenever SCP-4181 generates a noise complaint.

After a successful ritual, Agents are to move to SCP-4181's warehouse and attempt to gather as many ritual supplies as possible, to be left in SCP-4181's storefront.

Instances of SCP-4181-2 that can be extracted from SCP-4181 are to be applied to sheet metal and housed vertically in anomalous item storage at Site-22. Instances should be attended to every few days to keep them animate.

Attempts to 'seed' SCP-4181 with spatulas purchased elsewhere for use as ritual equipment are ongoing.

Description: SCP-4181 is an abandoned storefront and warehouse in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. The storefront was in operation from 1979-19811 as "Spatuland," selling numerous kitchen utensils and specializing in spatulas and other similar implements. SCP-4181 was discovered abandoned due to unknown circumstances in August of 1981 after the owner2 fell behind on property tax payments. The owner's whereabouts were never ascertained. Currently, SCP-4181 remains in a state of disrepair, with overturned shelving and stock strewn across the floor of the store, plywood nailed over the windows and doors, and thick layers of dust and dirt within. SCP-4181 is inhabited only by SCP-4181-1.


The Lesser Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea minor)

SCP-4181-1 is a Class IV-b entity (Hostile, Corporeal/Non-Corporeal) resembling a ~2 meter tall bird of paradise. SCP-4181-1 has a build similar to Paradisaea minor, with the coloration and elongated tail feathers of Loddigesia mirabilis3. At the ends of its tail feathers are two large rubber spatula heads. SCP-4181-1's design is similar to that of Spatuland's cartoon mascot, Slappy the Spatulabird.

SCP-4181-1's typical habits involve wandering through SCP-4181 and producing various bird calls. It has been observed changing size to fit through the opening between SCP-4181's store and warehouse, as well as moving directly through the walls separating the two. SCP-4181-1 has not been observed to exit SCP-4181 or moving through its outer walls. When SCP-4181-1 is alone, impacts against the walls of SCP-4181 can sometimes be heard. SCP-4181-1 has demonstrated no susceptibility to conventional weaponry.

When a living being enters SCP-4181, SCP-4181-1 will move to intercept it. SCP-4181-1 will chase and corner any such being before striking it with the spatula heads on the ends of its tail feathers. This produces an instance of SCP-4181-2, and the individual attacked will vanish. SCP-4181-2 instances are animate, two-dimensional images that resemble the being attacked. (For more information, see addendum.)

The only way for a living being to survive an encounter with SCP-4181-1 is to perform Ritual 4181-a, detailed here:

Currently, Ritual 4181-a only works with spatulas originating from SCP-4181's original stock at the time of its closure. Attempts to use spatulas purchased elsewhere have failed consistently.

Addendum: Note from Researcher Joseph, 9/30/1991

It has come to the attention of on-site Agents that music — described alternately as 'cheesy merengue' and 'sad elevator music' by various Agents — can be heard emanating from SCP-4181 annually on the 26th of September. During these times, SCP-4181 cannot be accessed via any entrance. The cause of this is unknown.

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