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Attempt at free writing in SCP-4179. Attempt is illegible.

Item #: SCP-4179

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4179 is to be used only within secure Foundation communication systems or in spoken conversation to other Foundation personnel. Class-D subjects are not cleared for SCP-4179. Stringent care to prevent its spread to the general population must be exercised, administering amnestics as pertinent. If procedure is breached in any way, administrative and disciplinary punishments will be applied at the discretion of the local SCP-4179 expert(s) on a case-by-case basis.

SCP-4179-1 should remain contained within its current whereabouts (a fine sand beach marked as Location of Interest 551-13|34|4179, stricken from all charts and closed to naval access). While sustenance and sunscreen should be provided for SCP-4179-1 in quantities and at times adequate to meet the requirements of a non-anomalous human being, SCP-4179-1 does not have any physical needs; this procedure is not indispensable but it is considered positive for its mental well-being.

The creation of SCP-4179-2 cases must be sanctioned by Command Site-4, O5-4, O5-7 or the acting Commander of Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). Note that MTF Alpha-1 Coherence Units are formed entirely of Level 5, Class B personnel.

"Ripe" SCP-4179-2 cases may only be handled by D-Class subjects while placed inside Black Box facilities to prevent or mitigate potentially contagious memetic, cognitive or info-hazardous breakouts. SCP-4179-2 cases not contained by MTF Alpha-1 Coherence Units dispatched to retrieve them will be handled as Safe items and stored in Standard Secure Lockers, as their dimensions require.

SCP-4179-INERT cases may be used as anxiolythic equipment. Clinical trials for expanded Foundation usage as D-Class personnel equipment or Standard Humanoid Cell construction (as stone pavement) is being considered.

Description: SCP-4179 is an emphytic1 language whose historical origin and linguistic development are inherently anti-memetic. All attempts at analysis and etymological study of its structure and vocabulary with regards to automated translation or transcription have been unsuccessful, as only human beings may comprehend it.

Understanding of SCP-4179 is innate knowledge to all most non-anomalous human beings; speech in SCP-4179 is not. It has no known written form; several artificially designed alphabets and codes have been commissioned and produced by the SCP-4179 Analysis Team to attempt its written transmission, but they have been completely unsuccessful as a consequence of its anti-memetic properties.

Like other emphytic languages, SCP-4179 allows a speaker to transmit a message in such a way that it is precisely understood by any human being that comprehends the concepts required to construct said message. This happens whether the listener has any prior knowledge of the language or not. Clarification is rarely necessary and is often due to ignorance of the concepts behind the subject or subjects treated in conversation.

SCP-4179 is of commonplace use among Foundation employees when discussing workplace activities and especially in stressful situations. Therefore, it is used by most Foundation employees, particularly non-English native speakers, to clear up misunderstandings or settle conflicts of a professional nature. It has proven instrumental in emergency situations under pressure.

However, SCP-4179 speakers will be unable to properly convey meanings of emotional relevance. Personnel tend to use terms that listeners find unwieldy, ambiguous, meaningless or the entire opposite to what was intended by the speaker when referring to their feelings. SCP-4179 is therefore best left to technical conversation.

Momentary lapses into this language when communicating with other Foundation personnel are frequent; most lapses are not immediately noticed by Foundation personnel, since intimate understanding and speaking of SCP-4179 is reached by virtually all Foundation personnel above a Clearance Level of 1. This talent is specific to Foundation personnel, which remains unexplained; daily, unrestricted exposure seems sufficient to achieve at least superficial command of it. Research on the possible existence of discrete memetic triggers that ease the learning curve of SCP-4179 for Foundation personnel is ongoing at the Archive Sector of Area-08-B.

Teaching of SCP-4179 is not instrumental to Foundation operations nor compulsory, and cannot be method-based nor systematic. Its Containment Procedures rely on the careful application of amnestics to casual non-Foundation listeners (which are usually eligible to memory redaction therapies for other reasons if they are exposed to SCP-4179).

Records of SCP-4179 use in Foundation facilities is not reliable, as it was not "contained" per se until early Special Containment Procedures standards were first drawn in 1███, when almost no sound samples were recorded. However, Archive researchers estimate SCP-4179 has been spoken for almost ninety years by a wide majority of Foundation personnel.

A tendency to speak in perfect rhyme2 has been observed in advanced SCP-4179 speakers. This appears to be a mild compulsion related to its long-term use. It is not harmful nor cognitohazardous and does not hamper communication.

Addendum: Reclassification of SCP-██-███ as SCP-4179-1.

Addendum: Log of cases of SCP-4179-2

Addendum: Incident 2-46, Interview SCP-4179-1

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