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Objects recovered from an SCP-4176 event.

Item #: SCP-4176

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4176 events are to be prefaced to the civilian population as arms tests. Foundation agents planted in Adna are to administer amnestics upon an SCP-4176 event.

Objects found produced from SCP-4176 events are to be used as Foundation assets.

Description: SCP-4176 is a yearly reoccurring phenomenon affecting the Adna Post Office in Adna, Washington, typically occurring within the last week of January.

SCP-4176 events begin with the sudden launching of an unmarked, customized ICBM in the Pacific Ocean1. Upon launch, the missile will be directed towards the unincorporated territory of Adna, WA, and land in the field in front of the area's post office. No civilians have been harmed as a result of an SCP-4176 event.

All missiles involved in SCP-4176 events feature secured hatches, with the phrases "taxes for (year) fiscal year" and "to: internal revenue(sic)2 service, washington usa" spray-painted across the surface. The contents within the hatch are typically objects possessing large monetary value such as precious jewels, paintings, and other similar items.

Below is a list of objects recovered from SCP-4176 events.

Year: 2010
Object Log: Deed to a downtown Manhattan private parking garage, 50 kg of 16th-century gold coins, 15 sable fur coats, 75% of a well-preserved mammoth carcass.

Year: 2011
Object Log: 'The Scream' by Edward Munch (verified to not be a replica), five wrapped Publix submarine BLT sandwiches.

Year: 2012
Object Log: 75 kg of radiant-cut rubies, 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle baseball card, Fender 1968 Stratocaster autographed by Jimi Hendrix, five boxes of Gurkha Black Dragon Cigars.

Year: 2013
Object Log: "Landscape with Cottages" by Rembrandt van Rijn, 693 liters of Y-909, three mint condition first edition copies of Magic: the Gathering card 'Black Lotus'.

Year: 2014
Object Log: A padded case containing twenty humanoid figurines accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Dr. Wondertainment, 25% of a moderately preserved mammoth carcass, one framed image of a guinea pig chewing on a carrot.

Year: 2015
Object Log: A single capsule of SCP-500.

Year: 2016
Object Log: Golden Buddha statue, one wooden chalice, one portrait of John D. Rockefeller, the Voyager 1 space probe, eighteen goats, the Coca-Cola recipe, one ornate gold key (lock unknown).

Addendum: SCP-4176 did not occur as expected in 2017. Observation of Adna continued throughout February and March. Instead, SCP-4176 occurred in April of that year.

Year: 2017
Object Log: Deed to Tojo Una Una Island, 800 shares in stock in Inc.

Of note, the message written on the missile used for SCP-4176 differed from the norm, reading: "hello yes pls accept as payment for the tax of 2017 fiscal year thank u. sorry for is late, dado go 2 vacation w/ hamster".

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