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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4174 is to be held in a containment cell capable of housing 10 humanoids. Because of SCP-4174's self-sustaining capabilities, regular interaction is not required. If the number of SCP-4174-1 instances exceeds 10, the third oldest instance is to be terminated. The oldest and second oldest instances are to be kept alive for potential future experimentation concerning the effects of aging. At least one member of Level 3 Security staff must be present during any and all experimentation on SCP-4174 in order to prevent disruption by instances of SCP-4174-1.

Description: SCP-4174 is the corpse of an obese 89 year old woman perpetually in livor mortis.1 SCP-4174 will spontaneously generate a fertilized egg in its womb, which will go through a normal birth cycle, from gestation to birth, within a forty week period. Immediately after giving birth, SCP-4174 will produce another fertilized egg,2 which will develop and be born in forty weeks, repeating the cycle.

SCP-4174-1 are the entities born from SCP-4174; as of February 10th, 2019, there are currently four instances of SCP-4174-1. SCP-4174-1 are humanoids which constantly excrete light amounts of blood and pus similar to that found on newborn infants. SCP-4174-1 remain connected to SCP-4174 through their umbilical cord. If this umbilical cord is severed, SCP-4174-1 will enter a highly panicked state in which they will run to SCP-4174 and start crying profusely, often shaking SCP-4174 or screaming incoherently at it, before expiring due to the onset of stress-induced cardiac arrest.

SCP-4174-1 instances maintain an intelligence level comparable to that of a three year old child, and will often react to staff by crying,3 screaming, and attempting to flee. In situations in which SCP-4174-1 flee, they will attempt to carry SCP-4174 and bring it with them. Even when working together, they typically lack the strength to carry SCP-4174.

The current oldest SCP-4174-1 instance is believed to be roughly 20 years old. 14 loose umbilical cords appear to have been severed prior to containment4 with an additional three severed during experimentation. Along with continuing to produce SCP-4174-1 instances, the breasts of SCP-4174 will lactate profuse amounts of human breast milk, which the instances will drink as their only required form of sustenance. Each instance of SCP-4174-1 has been seen drinking roughly four liters of breast milk from SCP-4174 a day.

Discovery: SCP-4174 was discovered on January 17th, 2019, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, after several reports of "unsettling moaning" coming from a home in the Brooklyn Homes district, originating from [REDACTED], home to the Totenmich family. Upon police investigation, SCP-4174 was discovered in the basement. Foundation Intelligence Agents embedded in Baltimore Police reported this to the Foundation and all police officers were amnesticized. The family was not amnesticized until after initial interviews. SCP-4174 has been confirmed to be Audrey Totenmich, who was the oldest member of the family living in the household.

Addendum #1: Interview Log 4174/LeonardTotenmich-01: The following interview was conducted by Junior Researcher Luna Weiss with Leonard Totenmich, the eldest son of Audrey Totenmich, as part of routine background information investigation.

Luna: Alright, let's start at the beginning: how long have you known of Audrey Totenmich in her current form?

Leonard: Uh, well, it was pretty sudden, way back in, 2001 I think? Early 2001. I just want to double check, I'm not gonna be arrested for this?

Luna: Not if you cooperate. Do you know of the possible circumstances leading up to her assuming this form?

Leonard: Well, it just sort of… happened. One day she got pregnant out of nowhere, everyone was bickering over how she could be pregnant since, well, she's 89, but also who the father was. When the time came around she gave birth, the docs cut the cord, and it cried so much… I don't think I'll ever get those cries out of my head… the baby went limp after, dead after only a few minutes. Doc said it was rare but does happen so we didn't think too much about the death at the time.

Luna: How many times did this phenomenon happen before her passing?

Leonard: Three times. On the fourth, she didn't make it, but the baby did. We didn't go to the hospital this time, we figured something was off and we don't want to have her reputation be smeared as a skank. We cut the cord again and the baby died, but then she… kept going, she kept giving birth, every nine months, over and over. You don't know stress till you're helping a corpse give birth so you can kill the baby right after. After a while, we decided to just stop cutting the cord and hope that would keep them alive. It did, but, well, they weren't really people.

Luna: So you decided to keep her in the basement?

Leonard: We didn't know what to do, we couldn't show this to someone or we'd get the FBI up in our bonnets, no offense, and the kids seemed to live fine without any of us helping, so we just… let it be. Kept it as a dark family secret. Never invite anyone over in case they hear it or wander into it.

Luna: Understood. Thank you for your cooperation, we will have an agent come in momentarily to help you remember more details.

Subsequent interviews with the five children and 14 grandchildren of Audrey Totenmich whom could be contacted revealed little additional information.

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