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Depiction of an instance of SCP-4166-2, recovered from SCP-4166-1's notebook. Text appears to be Job 10:21-22.

Item #: SCP-4166

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4166-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell with the following modifications:

  • Adjacent cell has been converted into a 24/7 manned monitor/guard station.
  • Windows have been removed.
  • Warning signs have been placed indicating that religious and/or masculine-presenting personnel are strictly forbidden in SCP-4166-1's containment chamber.

Allowances of personal items are subject to the approval of Researcher █████ and Junior Psychologist ██████ ███. SCP-4166-1 has previously requested:

  • Five meals daily (Denied 07-26-2008).
  • Three meals daily (Granted 07-26-2008).
  • A pistol (Denied 07-26-2008).
  • A taser (Granted 07-27-2008).
  • Cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes (Denied 07-30-2008).
  • A butane lighter (Denied 07-30-2008, 08-02-2008).
  • Various books, magazines, and video games (granted 07-31-2008, pending review and approval of contents).
  • A copy of the Holy Bible (Douay-Rheims, Challoner Revision) (Granted 08-01-2008, Removed by request 08-02-2008, Granted again 08-04-2008.).

SCP-4166-2 manifestations are to be terminated upon sight, followed by administration of Class-Aϛ amnestic/sedative to SCP-4166-1.

SCP-4166-1 is to be provided 1 cc of human semen weekly, administered via capsule with food; SCP-4166-1 is allowed to deny administration once per month if refusal would not cause irrevocable harm. Arrangements have been made with a local sperm bank for these purposes. Psychological evaluations of SCP-4166-1 are to be undertaken once a week to monitor the efficacy of psychiatric treatment.


Depiction of symptoms of SCP-4166-3 stage two, recovered from SCP-4166-1's notebook. Text appears to be St Matthew 6:9-12, better known as the Lord's prayer.

Description: SCP-4166-1 is a female human class-C reality bender responsible for the creation of SCP-4166-2 and SCP-4166-3. It displays numerous psychological ailments, including aversion to men, fear of sleeping, PTSD, and suicidality.

Medical analysis has discovered significant scarring on the palms, feet, and genital area. Additionally, SCP-4166-1 develops cachexia if not administered 1 cc of human semen weekly.

Every seven days, or in times of increased distress, SCP-4166-1 manifests an instance of SCP-4166-2 (if one does not currently exist).

SCP-4166-2 is a mute shadow-like humanoid figure with no defining visual features which otherwise exhibits typical human characteristics. Upon manifestation, SCP-4166-2 enters the room containing SCP-4166-1 through the primary method of entry, regardless of barriers. It then attempts to approach SCP-4166-1.

If SCP-4166-1 retains the memory of containment of SCP-4166-2, SCP-4166-2 proceeds to take action to counteract previous methods of containment, up to and including manifesting with weaponry.

Upon termination, SCP-4166-2 instances demanifest instantaneously.

SCP-4166-3 is a three-phase mental illness affecting individuals who have observed an instance of SCP-4166-2, lasting for the duration of SCP-4166-2's manifestation.

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