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The following document is preserved for posterity due to its historic importance to the SCP Federation. The information herein is outdated and may be inaccurate. Revisions are highlighted in blue.

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Item #: SCP-4163

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4163 is to be stored in a minimum-security Site-19 humanoid anomaly containment cell, provisioned with standard adult human nourishment and amenities. Save for active testing of the anomaly, SCP-4163 is under no other circumstances allowed within reach of any device capable of digital computation. Sub-anomalies of SCP-4163, including a single instance of SCP-4163-13 copied onto an external hard drive, are to be stored in standard Site-19 containment lockers.

Following the widespread containment breach of SCP-4163-13, Media Suppression personnel are to proactively police websites that could potentially disseminate copies of the sub-anomaly. Copies of SCP-4163-13 are to be immediately erased from any and all affected public and private computer systems.

Description: SCP-4163 is an adolescent human female of hispanic ancestry, born in the year 2009. SCP-4163 was known to the public by the legal name "Mariana S███████." Save for its single anomalous property, SCP-4163 is physiologically and behaviorally human.

SCP-4163's anomalous behavior is exhibited only when SCP-4163 achieves direct skin-contact with any Nintendo-brand video game computer system capable of running any variant of the game "Tetris." After contact, affected devices are permanently altered to allow any operator to play a "perfect game" of Tetris, maintaining a continuous streak of gameplay until the operator becomes too fatigued to continue or the device ceases to function. While a game is in-progress, operators exhibit muscle reaction times several orders of magnitude faster of an ordinary human, limited only by the hardware refresh rate of the given device. Affected devices display no anomalous behavioral properties other than those described above. These devices are categorized as sub-anomalies of SCP-4163.

There are 17 known sub-anomalies of SCP-4163, three of which were produced during post-acquisition testing. Save for SCP-4163-13, all such sub-anomalies have been secured by the Foundation. The anomalous properties of these units are not limited to the physical container within which they were created, but rather are intrinsic to the digital presence of the device.

SCP-4163-13 is a digital disk image file of a personal computer hard drive. When burned to suitable storage media, SCP-4163-13 behaves as a standard boot drive running the Ubuntu Linux operating system. New copies of SCP-4163-13 display the same anomalous Tetris behavior as all other sub-anomalies of SCP-4163.

Prior to acquisition by the Foundation, SCP-4163-13 was uploaded to a high-traffic file sharing website. Following public exposure on weblogs and news websites, the anomalous properties of SCP-4163-13 have become known to the general public, though knowledge of the humanoid nature of SCP-4163 and the existence of the Foundation have been successfully suppressed. It is estimated that there are upwards of 10,000 extant copies of SCP-4163-13 on private computer systems, a number that has increased steadily over time. Complete containment of SCP-4163-13 has been deemed extremely unlikely by the Media Suppression Department, and SCP-4163 has thus been assigned Keter status, despite its relatively harmless nature.

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