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The following document is preserved for posterity due to its historical significance to the SCP Federation. The information herein is outdated and may be inaccurate.

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Item #: SCP-4163

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Standard humanoid acquisition protocols for SCP-4163 have been suspended due the high risk of triggering an "Amber Alert" missing child bulletin, an event that could result in undue scrutiny and potential exposure of clandestine Foundation activities. As the anomalous nature of SCP-4163 has been deemed to pose little or no risk to the wellbeing of the Foundation or humanity at large, Audubon Protocol in situ human containment has been implemented.

In accordance with Audubon Protocol, GPS trackers are to be covertly afixed to any and all vehicles owned or habitually operated by SCP-4163. The primary residence of SCP-4163, as well as those of known associates, is to be kept under internal and external 24-hour video surveillance. Bank account, credit card, cryptocurrency, and other financial apparatuses in use by SCP-4163 and the immediate family members of SCP-4163 are to be monitored for unusual activity. At the earliest available opportunity, a passive integrated transponder tag is to be covertly implanted in SCP-4163 under the guise of a standard medical procedure.

All internet activity of SCP-4163 is to be recorded for analysis. Such activity includes, but is not limited to, live video streaming and commentary on the website Twitch.TV, updates and commentary on social media platforms, and weblog activity (see Addendum 4163-A for a comprehensive list of known internet presences).

Should there be any indication that SCP-4163 has become aware of its own anomalous nature, Audubon Protocol is to be immediately suspended in favor of standard low-threat humanoid acquisition and on-site containment procedures.

Description: SCP-4163 is an adolescent human female of hispanic ancestry, born in the year 2009. SCP-4163 is known to the public by the legal name "Mariana S███████," and currently maintains a primary residence with its biological parents. Save for its single anomalous property, SCP-4163 is physiologically and behaviorally human. Thorough reconnaissance and ongoing surveillance indicates that SCP-4163 is unaware of its own anomalous nature.

SCP-4163's anomalous behavior is exhibited only when SCP-4163 achieves direct skin-contact with a Nintendo-brand video game system capable of running any variant of the game "Tetris." After contact, affected devices are permanently altered to allow any operator to play a "perfect game" of Tetris. Such games are characterized by a continuous streak of gameplay until the operator becomes too fatigued to continue, or the device ceases to function due to battery drain or mechanical malfunction. An operator's hand-eye reaction time during gameplay has been measured at speeds as fast as 17 milliseconds, corresponding to the single-frame refresh rate of many commercially available video game systems.1

Devices affected by SCP-4163 are categorized as sub-anomalies, and are to be acquired for containment as they are produced. To date, SCP-4163-1 through SCP-4163-42 have been obtained by the Foundation. Mass spectrometry of material samples, X-ray microtomography of assembled units, and direct observation of disassembled systems display no anomalous material properties. In all non-Tetris respects, SCP-4163 sub-anomalies display no unusual behavior.

Until 2021, SCP-4163 operated a sparsely-subscribed public channel on the video game live-streaming website Twitch.TV, through which its anomalous nature became known to the Foundation. Independent of Foundation activity, this channel was terminated due to parental intervention. To date, SCP-4163 remains largely unknown to the general public.

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