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Item #: SCP-4162

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A containment zone has been set up in Foundation-controlled waters off the coast of Mexico in order to prevent SCP-4162 from reaching civilized areas. Two D-Class operatives immobilized via restraints are to be present on small craft, one on each side of the containment zone, in order to serve as bait for SCP-4162 to ensure it does not roam outside of the containment zone. Once SCP-4162 has terminated one of these two personnel and begins targeting the other, the terminated individual is to be replaced immediately.

This cycle is to be repeated indefinitely so as to prevent SCP-4162 from selecting a target located outside the containment zone. Any individuals attempting to approach or pass through the containment zone are to be repelled immediately by on-site marine personnel. In addition, a no-fly zone has been established directly above the containment zone and the immediate surrounding area.

Description: SCP-4162 is an intangible ovoid object, red in colouration, three meters tall and one meter wide. Although it possesses no visible means of ambulation, SCP-4162 moves by floating one meter in the air and proceeding linearly in a certain direction. During this process, SCP-4162 mildly pulsates several times a minute; the purpose of this is unknown.

SCP-4162 will constantly move towards the individual designated as its target at a speed slightly faster than that of the target itself. In cases where the target is stationary, SCP-4162 will move as slowly as 0.1 km/h - however, SCP-4162 has also been recorded as reaching speeds as high as 930 km/h on occasions where targets have attempted to escape it via aircraft. It is currently unknown whether this constitutes the maximum speed of SCP-4162. Due to the intangible nature of SCP-4162, there are no known means of slowing or stopping its movement below these boundaries.

Once SCP-4162 enters within one meter of its target, a rapid expansion of air will take place in the target's skull, causing their cranium to violently explode after a period of three to five seconds. SCP-4162 will then immediately designate the nearest human being as its next target, and the process will repeat. Entering within one meter of SCP-4162 holds no ill effects for any individual not currently designated as the target.

SCP-4162 is sapient and, despite possessing no bodily means of doing so, is capable of speaking in a high-pitched voice reminiscent of that of a prepubescent child. Despite its hostile behaviour, SCP-4162 is invariably talkative and friendly when engaged in conversation by any individual, including its current target. (See Interview Logs.)

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