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SCP-4158 upon discovery

Item #: SCP-4158

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4158 is to be kept in an 8 meter by 10-meter cell in the heavy containment zone. The cell is to be fitted with a 5-meter trough on the east wall of the cell. SCP-4158 is to be sheared of its excess mass and have its cell cleaned once every week unless a test is being conducted. X-rays are to be performed on SCP-4158 before and after shearing. The resulting meat is to be incinerated. SCP-4158 is to be fed a diet of raw beef, hay, wood, and bricks. Constant monitoring is not necessary, though SCP-4158 must be checked at a minimum of three times a day. In a scenario where growth can not be regulated the object class is to be reevaluated.

Description: SCP-4158 is a bovine-esque creature measuring 3.4 meters tall and 5 meters long at the time of writing. Its skin is thin, appearing translucent and ripping easily. SCP-4158 is partially blind and has a bulbous head that lacks the features of a bovine of which it shares an alleged lineage. SCP-4158 is sentient and docile, not acknowledging personnel during feeding or cleaning of its cell. SCP-4158 does not produce excrement.

SCP-4158 is constantly growing in size and weight. As such, excess mass must be sheared off every week. Testing has shown that limiting the diet of SCP-4158 does not limit its growth. Additional testing has shown that any meat that has been removed from SCP-4158 does not display the same constant growth. The meat produced by SCP-4158 is USDA Utility Grade beef and has shown no anomalous properties. Despite this, the resulting meat is to be incinerated as a cautionary measure.

When SCP-4158 is not sheared of its excess mass new features begin to form, including limbs, genitalia, and, in rare cases, organs. The anatomy and placement of exterior growths are seemingly random. At its largest, SCP-4158 grew to be 8.5 meters tall and 9.8 meters long featuring seven legs, four stomachs, two penises, five testicles, and three tongues before the Foundation disallowed further growth. Testing was halted after SCP-4158 began showing evidence of neural tissue generation.

SCP-4158 was found in Crewdson, Indiana on the morning of December 16th, 2004. Calls to animal control were made by multiple residents about a large cow with mange roaming by Highway 17. Two animal control officers were sent to investigate the reports. Upon discovery of SCP-4158, the animal control officers contacted the local police department at 9:39. A Foundation plant contacted Site-64 to send containment specialists to transport it. Class A amnestics were administered to the animal control officers and the case was closed, reporting it as being a cow with mange that was put down at the scene.

SCP-4158 was transported to Site-64 at 12:46 with no resistance from SCP-4158. Containment Specialists tracked the origin of SCP-4158 to a slaughterhouse by the name of Butcher's Block where one employee, Barney Mossman, and the manager, Jeff Fine, were found and taken into Foundation custody. One more employee, Rory Gildson, was later found at his residence at ███ ████ ██████ after calling in sick that day.

All three persons were taken to Site-64 for questioning.

Interview Logs:

It is currently not believed that Jeff Fine's worshiping of SCP-4158 is due to any anomalous effect, as is suggested by a study of personnel showing no abnormal religious or ritual practices after working with SCP-4158.

At this time there seems to be no reason to discredit any of the claims made. The workers and cows that were in the possession of the Butcher's Block Slaughterhouse at the time were all administrated Class E amnestics. The Butcher's Block Slaughterhouse was closed under the pretense that it was due to a health code violation and the employees were arrested for malpractice.

The identity of the man that sold Jeff Fine the pregnant cow that birthed SCP-4158 is still unknown.

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