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The sky as visible from SCP-4156-1 prior to environmental restoration.

Item #: SCP-4156

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: All observation and maintenance of SCP-4156 and its related anomalies is to be conducted from Site-98, located several kilometers below SCP-4156-1.

A perimeter of Angleton Environmental Stabilization Engines are to be established around SCP-4156-1 in order to maintain an ash-free atmosphere. Survivor communities are to be discouraged from approaching SCP-4156-1 through the establishment of environmental dangers in a secondary perimeter around the environmental systems. In the event that an approach continues regardless, on-site security is authorized to use lethal force to repel them. Any physical access to SCP-4156-1 by personnel must be approved by Director Caul.

Deliveries of food and other necessities are to be brought into SCP-4156-1 on the first day of each month. During this period, all specimens of SCP-4156-2 are to be placed into an inactive state via use of KALEIDOSCOPE.

Observation of all SCP-4156-2 specimens is to be conducted using the hidden microphones and cameras that have been established throughout SCP-4156-1. Similarly, all media devices used by SCP-4156-2 are to be monitored by personnel at Site-98. In the event that any specimen of SCP-4156-2 begins operating outside of acceptable behaviour, they are to be returned to their default state immediately and the cause of their deviation is to be logged. Known causes of deviation are to be countered via the use of KALEIDOSCOPE.

In the event of the unscheduled death of an SCP-4156-2 specimen, a replacement is to be produced using SCP-4156-3. If a SCP-4156-2 specimen's personal narratives means that they would logically spend a length of time outside SCP-4156-1, they are to be brought into storage, given false memories of their time outside SCP-4156-1 via use of KALEIDOSCOPE, and returned to SCP-4156-1 at an appropriate date. Learning Computer Tau-2 ("HOWARD") is to procedurally generate media content for consumption by specimens of SCP-4156-2.

All instances of SCP-4156-3 are to be maintained and repaired in accordance with instructions provided by Senior Researcher Halson. Production of any SCP-4156-2 specimens using SCP-4156-3 must be approved by Director Caul from a selection of pre-arranged templates.

Description: SCP-4156 is the collective designation for a number of anomalous items used in conjunction as an experimental method for a manual history reset following the occurrence of Event Indigo, the resultant destruction of SCP-2000, and the subsequent collapse of human civilization. The SCP-4156 project was officially proposed and put into effect by Director Simon Caul following the occurrence of Event Indigo on 09/02/2034.


SCP-4156-1 partway through restoration.

SCP-4156-1 is the small town of Winston, Ohio, which has been restored to its condition prior to the occurrence of Event Indigo over the course of several years. Specifically, SCP-4156-1 has been restored to the state it was in during the year 2017. All buildings and environments within SCP-4156-1 have been tapped with hidden microphones and cameras in order to maintain the ability to observe all activity within the area. Similarly, feeds from all media devices within SCP-4156-1 are accessible from the observation center at Site-98.

SCP-4156-2 is comprised of six thousand, two hundred and ninety seven artificial humans which have been produced by SCP-4156-3 and given false memories appropriate for their roles as citizens of SCP-4156-1. All memory installation and alteration is performed via use of the prototype KALEIDOSCOPE system, originally designed for societal amnestic purposes. Through the application of cognito-agents through all media devices within SCP-4156-1, as well as several thousand hidden speakers, the memories of all SCP-4156-2 specimens can be altered as necessary. In addition, alterations made to the consciousness of all specimens of SCP-4156-2 through KALEIDOSCOPE have rendered them unable to perceive any phenomena which would contradict the normalcy of SCP-4156-1, such as the presence of Foundation personnel or any evidence of Event Indigo.

SCP-4156-3 is the collective designation for three-hundred devices, derived through re-purposing of SCP-███, capable of producing specimens of SCP-4156-2 of any specified physical attributes when provided with a sufficient amount of biomass. Each instance of SCP-4156-3 consists of a standing chamber measuring one by two meters, along with a control console through which the desired attributes for the SCP-4156-2 specimen being created can be specified. When necessary and while working at full facility, the SCP-4156-3 system is capable of fully replenishing the population of SCP-4156-1 in a span of forty-eight hours.

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