SCP-4152, mounted on the wall of its testing chamber.

Item #: SCP-4152

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4152 is contained in a standard Safe-class storage locker at Site-28. SCP-4152 testing is currently suspended.

Description: SCP-4152 is a canvas painting measuring 120cmx60cm, believed to have been created by a member of the anomalous art collective AWCY? (see Recovered Document 4152-A).

SCP-4152 affects viewers with no history of childhood trauma resulting from parental abuse or neglect. Such individuals develop memories of childhood trauma, typically taking place between the ages of 6 and 18. Most details regarding these memories vary among individuals, with no individual claiming to have experienced any scenario that could not have taken place in their own life.

Furthermore, testing with amnestics up to and including Class-C have universally failed to remove such memories, indicating that SCP-4152 is capable of generating, or providing access to, long-term memories. As such, it has been suggested that SCP-4152 causes viewers to recall suppressed traumatic memories from their own lives. However, research into this hypothesis has thus far been inconclusive (see Supplemental Experiment Log 41521).

Subjects with a previous history of childhood trauma often experience intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, anxiety, or other symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Lack of cooperation has made it difficult to determine the veracity of any memories of parental abuse recalled by such individuals, as such it is unknown whether they are susceptible to the primary effect of SCP-4152.

Addendum 1. Analysis of DNA lifted from SCP-4152, as well as handwriting analysis of Recovered Document 4152-A, determined the likely creator of SCP-4152 to be █████ ███████, designated PoI-4128. Investigation of the last known address led to the discovery of PoI-4128's mother, likely the subject of the painting. After determining that Ms. ███████ had no knowledge of her child's work beyond being an artist, an additional test of SCP-4152 was approved using Ms. ███████ as a subject.

Testing on SCP-4152 has been suspended indefinitely pending Ethics Committee decision.

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