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Item #: SCP-4150

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Eta-11 (“Savage Beasts”) should be dispatched to the location of any reported SCP-4150 instance and secure its source. Affected individuals should be contained and made to listen in full to the song “Penny Lane” by the Beatles. Low-level amnestics are to be administered to all present.

SCP-4150-1 is to be contained in a soundproof standard holding cell neutralised and buried at Site-19. SCP-4150-2 through 4 are to be kept in individual standard lockboxes.

Description: SCP-4150 is an auditory cognitohazard affecting all intelligent life possessing both functioning ears and functioning eyes. Beings considered clinically deaf or blind are unaffected.

SCP-4150 resembles the 1967 Beatles song “Penny Lane”, but features several lyrical corruptions (see Document 4150-Alpha). Testing has determined that these corruptions are a feature rather than the source of SCP-4150’s anomalous properties.

Individuals who hear SCP-4150 in full feel a powerful urge to reproduce SCP-4150 (vocally or otherwise) and pass its effect to as many other individuals as possible. Spread is typically slow, taking at least three minutes and three seconds (3:03) to fully transfer from one individual to another.

SCP-4150-1 through 4 are objects determined to be the source of SCP-4150 outbreaks. SCP-4150-1, retrieved 11/30/2016 (deceased 05/02/2018) was Mr. Simon █████, the singer for a Beatles tribute band. SCP-4150-2 and SCP-4150-3, retrieved 02/27/2018, are a pair of freestanding stereo speakers. SCP-4150-4 is the mobile phone of Researcher D█████. SCP-4150-4’s internet browser was opened to a radio website (designated SCP-4150-4.1) apparently created by avant-garde movement Are We Cool Yet? The internet domain was seized by the Foundation on 04/12/2018.

Incident Report 4150-4

Date: 04/10/2018

Incident Details: At approximately 14:37, Researcher D█████ accessed SCP-4150-4.1, using SCP-4150-4, through unknown methods. Security footage shows Researcher D█████ appearing increasingly agitated over the next five to ten minutes. It is suspected that Researcher D█████ was aware that he had been compromised but was unable to resist the compulsion.

At 14:52, Researcher D█████ accessed a security station at Site-19 and subdued a guard using a small Taser unit before broadcasting SCP-4150 through the site tannoy system.

The system was shut down externally at 14:54, before SCP-4150 could be broadcast in full.

At 14:57, Researcher D█████ was shot and killed by guards.

Thirteen (13) staff members were later compromised via a group email D█████ had sent from the security station with SCP-4150 attached as an audio file. All these incidents were contained.

Closing Statement: A total of thirty-three (33) personnel were fully compromised, and a further two hundred and twelve (212) required treatment.

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