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3/4149 LEVEL 3/4149
Item #: SCP-4149


Interior of SCP-4149, cognitohazardous elements removed.

Special Containment Procedures: To comply with SCP-4149-2's wishes, personnel are encouraged to behave as though they are visitors of an art gallery within SCP-4149. If breaking of character is absolutely necessary, it is advised to dramatize the incident to a theatrical performance.

The building containing the entrance to SCP-4149 has been purchased by the Foundation and is to be fenced off under the explanation of being slated for demolition. 1 agent with SCRAMBLE equipment is to be stationed at 2341 ███████ Ave, Chicago. 3 armed guards from MTF Eta-10 "See No Evil" are to be stationed at 2341 ███████ Ave, Chicago, with 2 guarding the second floor and one stationed within SCP-4149 itself1.

All expeditions into SCP-4149 must be approved by Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-4149 is an extradimensional space, the entrance to which is accessible via a hallway embedded within the 2nd floor of 2341 ███████ Ave, Chicago, an uninhabited home. The interior of SCP-4149 resembles a large warehouse, and contains 76 art pieces across various mediums, including fine art, performance art, modern art, and sculptures. 54 pieces contain varying degrees of visual hazards.2

SCP-4149-1 is the collective designation for the entities found within SCP-4149. SCP-4149-1 instances claim to be from various neighboring universes and planes of reality, and often mistake Foundation personnel to be pieces of performance art. All SCP-4149-1 instances are immune to the anomalous effects of the art pieces within SCP-4149.

SCP-4149-2 is a 2m tall, bipedal, sloth-like entity that identifies itself as "Professor Xorkanoff." SCP-4149-2 claims to be the curator of SCP-4149, and is usually found walking about SCP-4149 and discussing pieces with SCP-4149-1 instances. It claims to have a limited ability to travel between universes, though this ability has yet to be confirmed. SCP-4149-2 also claims to be from a universe that "is unappreciative of art" and chose to create SCP-4149 within an uninhabited reality to serve as a refuge for its collection.

SCP-4149-2 claims that the entrance located in our reality is a design flaw of the gallery, and cannot be fixed without a complete rebuilding of SCP-4149.3 Due to several incidents of personnel disturbing SCP-4149-1 instances, SCP-4149-2 has requested that Foundation personnel refrain from divulging their motives when interacting with SCP-4149-1 instances to preserve the immersion of the gallery.

SCP-4149-2 has voluntarily surrendered itself and SCP-4149 to containment on the condition that the Foundation protect SCP-4149 against hostile intruders.

Discovery: SCP-4149 was coincidentally discovered during a long-term operation to root out Are We Cool Yet? activities in the city of Chicago. Agent Rochne and Agent Benjamin were assigned to follow two AWCY members transporting several pieces of anart. A video transcript is attached.

Exploration Log: Upon receiving a request for assistance from Agent Benjamin, MTF-Eta-10 was dispatched to the location to explore the anomaly. Due to AWCY?'s notoriety for using visually dangerous works of art, all agents were equipped with standard SCRAMBLE equipment. Video transcript attached.

Interview 4149-B: 45 hours after the initial discovery of SCP-4149, SCP-4149-2 agreed to an interview. D-1739375 was guided into SCP-4149 by Agent Rochne and issued instructions via headset.

Incident 4149-1: On 12/██/2007, Agent Hall reported a disturbance within SCP-4149 and requested backup. MTF-Eta-10 "See No Evil" were dispatched.

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