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Item #: SCP-4148

Object Class: Insectoid

Containment Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: The area surrounding SCP-4148 has been cordoned off under the cover story of a dangerous spider infestation. SCP-4148-1 instances have not been seen leaving SCP-4148, and further containment procedures are not necessary.

Foundation agents at Lunar Area 32 will contain SCP-4148-2 once it reaches their location.

Description: SCP-4148 is a 1:240 reconstruction of the Kennedy Space Center in Osceola Forest, Florida. SCP-4148 is made primarily up of wood, rocks, sap, and mechanical components of unknown origin.

SCP-4148-1 refers to any specimen of the family Coccinellidae (Ladybugs) introduced to SCP-4148. SCP-4148-1, once within a five-meter radius of SCP-4148, will begin work within SCP-4148, including maintaining, repairing, and constructing its components. There are approximately 400 instances of SCP-4148-1 within SCP-4148. Even if brought outside of SCP-4148, SCP-4148-1 instances will eventually return there of their own volition.

Despite limitations in resources, SCP-4148 has successfully launched several manned rockets, propelled upwards through some anomalous force. Most of these launches have ended in the rocket either crashing or exploding1.

Incident 01: On 2018/10/13, SCP-4148 successfully launched a rocket, made entirely of a plastic bottle and several sticks. The rocket propelled itself 15 meters into the air. All instances of SCP-4148-1 ceased their activity and watched the rocket. After ten minutes, the rocket exploded, scattering its parts over the clearing SCP-4148 was situated in.

For a period of three days following this event, no work was seen from SCP-4148-1. Further investigation revealed that they all appeared to stay indoors within SCP-4148. However, SCP-4148-1 then collected the remains of the rocket, and began repairs.

Incident 02: On 2018/11/19, after repairs were finished on the rocket, it was launched again by SCP-4148. Despite previous launches ending in failure, the rocket managed to consistently accelerate upwards without failure. This was met with an erratic period of activity from SCP-4148-1 presumed to be celebration.

The rocket, now designated SCP-4148-2, has escaped Earth's atmosphere as of 2018/11/23. It is estimated that SCP-4148-2 will reach the moon on 2018/12/04. A clear plexiglass dome is being constructed around SCP-4148 to prevent further launches of dangerous projectiles from SCP-4148 from causing damage or arousing suspicion.

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