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Item #: SCP-4147

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4147 is to be contained inside four standard lockers on Site 28. Access is to be given only to Senior Research staff and superiors, however, further experimentation of SCP-4147 is pending O5 approval and is currently disallowed. MTF Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers") is to continue searching the Wanderer's Library for other instances of SCP-4147.

Description: SCP-4147 is a series of encyclopedias divided into several volumes each. The number of volumes per instance varies. Each instance was published in 1912 by "Puffin Publishing". Volumes are hard cover, have non-anomalous ink and paper, and have red colored covers with gold text displaying a title. All titles translate to "National Mythos Encyclopedia". Each instance of SCP-4147 covers a different language and includes descriptions of numerous mythical creatures and legends unique to the nation whose official language corresponds to the text of the instance. All entries are alphabetized.

There are currently 4 instances of SCP-4147 held by the Foundation, no other instances are confirmed to exist:

  1. SCP-4147-1, English.
  2. SCP-4147-2, Gaelic.
  3. SCP-4147-3, Russian.
  4. SCP-4147-4, Japanese.

The last page of each instance is blank. If an entry following the approved format is written in1, then related superstitions in native speakers of the corresponding language will take root, and the entry will become integrated into the culture of corresponding nationalities. When an instance is closed, the new entry page will be moved to an alphabetized position and a new last page will be created.

Experimentation of SCP-4147 has been suspended by order of O5-3 after an ethics committee report condemning the experiments and describing their collateral damage as "although not costing in human life, still damaging to the well being of humanity as a whole." A request for an O5 council referendum by Dr. Mitchel and Dr. Takeda on resuming testing of SCP-4147 has been accepted, and the O5 council is currently reviewing experiment logs.

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