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A gathering of SCP-414-1, taken in 1935.

Item #: SCP-414

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-414 is currently uncontained; containment efforts focus upon mitigating media attention and providing social work programs to demographics targeted by SCP-414. Individuals affected by SCP-414 iterations must be dosed with Class-B amnestics upon recovery and are to be kept under observation. Individuals reaching the final stage of SCP-414-2 are to be contacted by a Foundation social work front company; individuals under final stage SCP-414-2 are to be treated with tri-weekly talk therapy and trained animal companions where applicable.

As it is beyond the Foundation's resources to perform surveillance on every possible target of SCP-414, records from social work organizations and mental health care centers are to be trawled for SCP-414 phenomena where possible. Any media reporting of SCP-414 phenomena are to be removed and a cover story provided; a list of applicable cover stories can be found in Document 414-B.

A cure for SCP-414-2 is to be considered the highest priority after successful and complete containment. - Doctor Alice Ogawa, Principal SCP-414 Researcher

Description: SCP-414 is a phenomenon that targets asocial humans and is categorized into two derivative effects, SCP-414-1 and SCP-414-2. The asociality may range from minor introversion to complete isolation. SCP-414 primarily affects individuals under the NEET1 demographic with no regional preferences. SCP-414 begins when a humanoid in a circular mask, referred to as SCP-414-1, appears in front of a targeted human. SCP-414-1 typically claims to be an employee for a local social work organization.

SCP-414-1 are uniformly tall humanoids wearing circular masks and clothing that covers the whole body. SCP-414-1 only appear when attempting to contact a targeted individual and disappear after successful contact has occurred. SCP-414-1 is believed to have a single collective consciousness capable of sapience, cognizance, and intelligence.

SCP-414-2 is a chronic, degenerative condition resulting from any successful interaction between a targeted subject and an instance of SCP-414-1. Successful interaction occurs when SCP-414-1 has a successful face-to-face conversation2 or contact with a targeted subject.

A subject that has contracted SCP-414-2 undergoes 4 stages lasting between 2 and 276 days, with a 5th stage believed to be permanent. Individuals who are under 30 years of age, or who received SCP-414-2 through physical contact, progress through stages at an accelerated rate.

There is no cure or treatment available beyond coping mechanisms. SCP-414-2 has a fatality rate of 46.78% over 5 years and 67.84% over 10 years. Individuals over the age of 40 have significantly higher fatality rates of 87.23% over 5 years and 93.85% over 10 years. All fatalities are a result of suicide.

09/12/2014 Incident 414-A: At 06:02 Doctor Eliza Chuang, then-Principal SCP-414 Research Scientist, was contacted by three SCP-414-1. Dr. Chuang had a successful conversation, transcribed below. Dr. Chuang was succeeded by their primary assistant, Doctor Alice Ogawa, immediately after Incident 414-A.

Despite constant social interaction and animal companionship, Dr. Chuang committed suicide on 09/03/2015, 965 days after advancing to Stage 5 SCP-414-2.

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