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Item #: SCP-4139

Object Class: Safe

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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4139 is to be kept in secure containment lockup with all SCP-4139-1/6 attached, at Site-45 outside of testing. The password to the combination lock affixed to SCP-4139 is restricted to level 2 personnel.

If SCP-4139 exhibits unusual noises or rocking, research leader Samuels must be contacted along with site security to allow for acquisition of POI-326.

Description: SCP-4139 is a medium sized, white, single-door fridge/freezer of unknown brand and make. SCP-4139-1 through -6 refers to 6 crude drawings depicting people and objects in various activities, including picnicking, space travel, and intercourse. Aside from a combination lock affixed to the front door, SCP-4139 has no electrical components. The back of SCP-4139 consists of a small assembly of pipes, ending in two curved openings.

SCP-4139-1/6 instances act as a control board for SCP-4139, meaning that the manipulation of their placement on the front of SCP-4139 can alter its properties. These properties only take effect when SCP-4139-1/6 are connected to SCP-4139 through the use of magnetism. SCP-4139 functions as a non-anomalous fridge cooling at 1.6°C as long as SCP-4139-1/6 are attached to it. The relation between the arrangement of SCP-4139-1/6 and the effects are not fully understood, prompting a trial and error approach to research.

Addendum 1: As of writing, these are the known orientations of SCP-4139-1/6 and their properties:

Due to the extensive possible arrangements of SCP-4139-1/6, it is unknown how many phenomena can be produced through the manipulation of SCP-4139. Estimates based on current ratio of successful to unsuccessful combinations suggest that there may be up to 200 separate phenomena possible.

Addendum 2: The following is the Audio/Video log transcript from the raid on POI-326's hotel apartment, in which SCP-4139 was discovered.

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