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Item #: SCP-4137

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4137 is stored at Site-201 Sector 2, serving as a task force training zone for operations in higher-dimensional regions. Personnel who enter must be accompanied by a minimum of one operative with experience in navigating four spatial axes. Buckle harnesses attached to a tension pulley system are to be worn as a mandatory safety precaution — further equipment will vary depending on training operation specifics.

All non-anomalous narcotics recovered from the pocket dimension have been handed to the Toronto Police Service. Anomalous narcotics are being stored under their respective containment procedures.

The whereabouts of PoI-9090 and PoI-9091 are unknown. Any encounters with either individual are to be immediately reported and met with rapid response by the nearest Foundation facility. Lethal force is authorized.



Description: SCP-4137 is a 1975 Ford Transit 100 Campervan, possessing an interior pocket dimension (SCP-4137-Z) in which subjects can perform unbounded movement through four-dimensional space.1 Accessing SCP-4137-Z can only be done by sitting in the driver or passenger seat and performing the following actions:

  1. Adjusting the rear-view mirror in a set pattern of upwards, downwards, and side motions.2
  2. Tapping the relative left then right sides of the dashboard.
  3. Hitting the dashboard with an open palm.
  4. Vocalizing "fuck Jailers."
  5. Exiting the seat and proceeding to the cabin interior.

Entering the campervan through any other means leads to the normal interior.

Once inside SCP-4137-Z, subjects can rotate through 4D space and move along the w-axis with similar physical motions as to those used in local 3D space.3 Of note is that the interior does not turn objects four-dimensional — prior dimensional properties are wholly retained. For those without higher-dimensional training this is a disorienting experience, and can result in motion sickness, severe migraines, and, if no means of extraction exist, becoming lost at an unknown set of coordinates.

Additional modifications are present on the exterior and internal mechanisms of SCP-4137:

  • A continuously replenishing fuel supply in the engine, supplied from a suspected higher-dimensional source.
  • Tires which are each 3D cross-sections of a four-dimensional hypercylinder intersecting local 3D space. Major damage to a tire results in the hypercylinder automatically "lowering" or "raising" out of 3D space, changing the cross-section to new, undamaged tire.
  • Van paneling with kinetohazardous properties. High-velocity projectiles that make contact with the paneling have their forward momentum converted to momentum along the w-axis, launching the projectiles out of local 3D space before full damage can be dealt. This occurs with 90% efficacy for bullets — behavior with other projectiles is being tested.
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis games consoles built into the walls of the (normal) campervan interior, wired to a flatscreen TV. No anomalous properties noted.

Addendum.4137.1: Original Usage and Containment

Prior to Foundation recovery, SCP-4137 was in use for under-the-Veil drug trafficking by known paracriminals Alphonse O.P. Pierrick (PoI-9090) and Yann English (PoI-9091). The duo was active in anomalous communities throughout Ontario, Canada, but operated on a small scale, avoiding Foundation attention. SCP-4137-Z is believed to have been created in winter of 2014, the additional spatial axis dramatically expanding the available storage space for narcotics and resulting in heightened criminal activity. A subsequent string of accidental and violent encounters with task forces stationed in Ontario resulted in both individuals being placed on Foundation paracrime watchlists.

On 13/04/2015, SCP-4137 was spotted in a trailer park within the vicinity of Toronto. Mobile Task Force Upsilon-20 ("Hogtown Garrison") was scrambled to the location and, using prior recordings of the entrance actions needed to access SCP-4137-Z, raided the anomaly.

It is of note that the Foundation had no knowledge of the four-dimensional nature of the anomaly until entering.

TESTIMONY: Agent Jean Noé, MTF υ-20

You know those animations of tesseracts? The ones where you see the 4D cube shifting and twisting in bizarre ways, shrinking and growing?

Yeah. Turns out 4D space is absolutely nothing like it. One of the researchers told me that's what observers in 3D space would see as a tesseract intersects 3D space, passing through our world from above. But when you're inside a tesseract? Fully inside the 4D space? It's a whole different game. It's not you watching a trippy geometry, it's you trying to step and spin your way through one.

Now imagine having a shootout in there.

You enter and suddenly bullets are shooting down from somewhere above you. Look up and you find that it's actually some direction you never knew existed, where two guys are camped out — one with an SNES Super Scope loaded with actual ammunition and the other with a fucking Power Glove on his hand. You don't understand how light can travel that direction and trying to rationalize it is like wedging a jackhammer through your skull. Maybe if you reorient yourself the right way it'll make more sense, but good luck when there's more bullets and now grenades being twisted out of some other spatial axis by Power Glove guy.

You try to step "above" and suddenly the whole landscape of the room twists into a different shape where you end up alone with bullets still raining. Other agents show up but the way they rotate makes them look like fucked up cross-sections of a person before they pop out of sight. Blood ends up on your armor despite you being alone, you're praying to every god you know that it wasn't from one of your friends, and any attempt at regaining your bearings is another chance at getting your brains blown out.

I couldn't navigate it. I vomited somewhere and I didn't even see where it went because I stepped the wrong way, and almost randomly I'd see the rest of υ-20 pop in and out of view with as much frantic movement as I had, and the whole world just kept spinning. Spinning and spinning and it was impossible. It was too unreal to handle. All I could do was, well, roll with it. Keep spinning. Spin and hope even a tenth of your shots reach your target.

Having shit raids isn't new. As far as being horrifically disoriented goes, though? This one takes the cake. I don't want any of you to assign me to this van again. One trip in was hellish enough.

It did make it all the more satisfying when I blew off Yann's arm, though.

After 30 minutes of combat, Agent Noé threw a grenade in the approximate direction of Pierrick and English, who had barricaded themselves at the (y,z,w) coordinate planes. The ensuing detonation destroyed the barricade and severed English's right arm, with shrapnel causing further injuries. Before agents could react, Pierrick grabbed English, performed a kinetohazardous gesture, and vanished. Post-raid analysis of agent video feeds suggests that the gesture allowed them to escape by moving along a fifth spatial axis.

Out of the six agents who entered, three were severely injured and two were killed. One agent is unaccounted for — the coordinate position of their body within the anomaly is unknown.

The campervan was subsequently transported to Site-201.

Addendum.4137.2: SCP-4137-Z Recovered Materials

Narcotic Compounds of Note:

  • Diamorphine, possessing spatially impossible chemical bonds. Response to sensory stimuli is lessened to the point of sensory deprivation, with a higher incidence of oneiric anomalies for users.
  • Variants of methamphetamine. Ingestion induces the crystallization of all body mass for several minutes, described by users as a fast and "electric" sensation, accompanied by visions of "the seraphs of speed."
  • Assorted demonarcotics.
  • Cannabis, ectoentropically replenishing. Placed in a plastic container and labeled with "NO SELL" in sharpie.
  • Trace amounts of SCP-████, found in a ziploc bag within an electronic safe. A sticky-note with "you know what to do" written on it was placed on the safe exterior.4

Tools and Misc. Paraphernalia:

  • Deer College undergrad degree plaque in higher-dimensional mechanics, addressed to Yann English. Found beneath a bag of cocaine.
  • Four Nintendo Power Gloves. One is partially dismantled with a tesseractic crystal replacing circuitry components. A sticky-note with inscriptions in different handwriting styles was attached to the shelf the gloves were stored in:

Appreciate the gift, but if I ever genuinely wear this thing I'll sincerely hope I lose my arm for the crime I'd have just committed.

but its so bad its good

  • Polaroid photos of PoI-9090 posing at various tourist attractions in Toronto.
  • Auto-injector, empty. The phrase "YOU ARE 3D. YOU ARE REAL." is repetitively scrawled on all sides of the cabinet interior the auto-injector was stored in.
  • A modified Nintendo Super Scope. Pressing the fire button manifests and propels variable projectiles from the front of the weapon barrel. After repeated testing, it has been confirmed that all projectiles fired are those that have been displaced into 4D space by SCP-4137's kinetohazardous paneling. Paper note in the vicinity:

trigger is fire button, switch to attack mode by wishing.
pew pew

ps dont use with the snes
seriously i think i pissed it off bad with how head-hurty the geometry this uses gets
dont make me get bitten more than i already have been

  • Polaroid photos of game high scores and PoI-9090 playing at arcade machines, amassed by cheering crowds. Photos were arranged around several games consoles. All visible crowd members possess identical body gestures and facial expressions. Slight signs of distress are noted.
  • 5-axis gimbal, rotating an arrow in the center. Observation during the 13/04/2015 raid suggests that the arrow points to the location of PoI-9090 if present in SCP-4137-Z. Found among a stash of PoI-9091's belongings.
  • Polaroid photos of PoI-9090 inside SCP-4137-Z. Stored in a mechanically locked safe in a hidden shelving compartment. Angles suggest the photos were taken from positions in the anomaly where PoI-9090 would be incapable of perceiving the camera.
  • Polaroid photo of PoI-9090 exiting the Tilt Arcade Bar. Image features are off-colored and distorted. Silhouettes of USB cables trail from PoI-9090 and connect to the surrounding subjects and objects, trailing into the arcade.
  • Papers covered in notes and formulas for topology. Several have the same message written at the top:

You can't be controlled. Stick to the numbers and you'll get out of this. You know you can.

  • Body bag, stored in a ritually-sealed shelving compartment. Empty.


  • Hidden chamber, blown open by Agent Noé's grenade. Inside are collected newspaper articles on a 1985 explosion in the Toronto ravine system, game tournament records, news stories on robberies in Ontario communities, and the burnt remnants of a death certificate. A photograph of an individual identical to Alphonse Pierrick, dated to 1986, is included, with a note written on the back:

How do you exist?

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