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Item #: SCP-4135


An SCP-4135-B instance chasing SCP-4135-A shortly after being shot by machine gun fire.

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Phi-71 ("Duck Hunt") is dedicated to the location and containment of SCP-4135-B instances that manifest. The "International Mallard Location Index" is designed to track the activity of any specific member of the family Anatidae. Containment of the SCP-4135-B instance is considered Priority One, and containment of the SCP-4135-A instance is considered Priority Seven. Once the SCP-4135-B instance is confirmed to be contained, the SCP-4135-A instance is to be administered amnestics and released into society.

Currently, an SCP-4135-B instance is located within Site-551 in a Biological Anomalous Entity Chamber. The chamber is reinforced with steel, and is to be repaired upon signs of damage. Once the current SCP-4135-A dies, the chamber is to be emptied of any duck viscera, and the new SCP-4135-A is to be located by MTF Phi-71.

Description: SCP-4135 is a phenomenon that affects one random human on Earth (designated SCP-4135-A instances) at any time. SCP-4135 is observed through the spontaneous manifestation of any member of the Anatidae family, usually of black colorization, near SCP-4135-A (designated SCP-4135-B instances). SCP-4135-B will then attempt to kill SCP-4135-A through any means necessary. SCP-4135-B instances are resistant to physical trauma and quickly recover from most injuries dealt to them over a small period of time.

SCP-4135-B instances have shown not to require food, water, or oxygen to survive, and can survive an atomic blast (see Attached Document 73: Manhattan Project and SCP-4135). When an SCP-4135-B instance is trapped, such as if it is in a container, it will bash its head against the walls of the container until the container breaks. Once the current SCP-4135-A dies, the SCP-4135-B instance will also die, and, almost instantaneously, another random human on Earth will become SCP-4135-A. SCP-4135 usually targets people ages 18 to 35, but there have been cases of it targeting children and elderly people as well.

Despite being virtually invulnerable, SCP-4135-B instances are no more deadly than the average member of its species. Because of this, SCP-4135-A instances rarely die from SCP-4135-B, and instead die of natural causes1.

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