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Front cover of SCP-4133

Item #: SCP-4133

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4133 is to remain in a Safe Class storage locker at site 21. Only D-Class personnel involved with testing are permitted to have contact with SCP-4133. Personnel exposed to SCP-4133 are required to be administered Class A-Amnestics and undergo a psychological evaluation. Computers in use at site 21 are to have their search engines routinely monitored. Any searches involving combinations of the following words are to be flagged and reported.

  • Blonde
  • Mustang
  • Silver
  • Streamline

Description: SCP-4133 is a copy of Custom Car Magazine dated January, 1980. The cover consists of a Burgundy 1935 Ford Model CX Saloon and a brown haired woman wearing a leopard skin singlet. Page 46, designated SCP-4133-1, consists of a blonde woman posing with a silver 1967 Ford Mustang. SCP-4133-1 has been found to possess cognitohazardous properties. If exposed to SCP-4133-1, the reader will become infatuated with the woman on the page after a period of 10 minutes. Once time has elapsed, the reader will attempt to re-visit SCP-4133-1, but become unable to locate it. Frustrated with being unable to find SCP-4133-1, the subject will then begin a laborious search using any available means. This includes:

  • Meticulously combing every page of SCP-4133.
  • Searching for other issues of Custom Car Magazine in the area to examine.
  • Utilizing an internet connection to find prior and current issues of the magazine.
  • Visiting the publication itself to inquire about SCP-4133-1.
  • Actively searching for the woman on SCP-4133-1.

While this search is undergone, increasingly specific memories will manifest within the affected individual. These memories are consistent in nature among all affected persons. These include:

  • The woman being a friend of their mother.
  • The woman being involved in a relationship with the subject.
  • The woman being unfaithful to the subject.
  • The woman stealing a silver streamline camper from the subject.

There are two known methods for quelling the effects of SCP-4133-1. The first is the administering of Class-A Amnestics. The second is illustrating SCP-4133-1. Artists capable of creating a quality rendition of SCP-4133-1 have been observed under testing to be unaffected (See 4133-T-02).

SCP-4133 was recovered after a series of incidents surrounding ██████'s Tires in █████, Ohio. Foundation field agents were subsequently exposed to SCP-4133, resulting in similar abnormal behavior. Independent research into the identity of the woman on SCP-4133-1 have yielded no results. Kelsey Media, the publication responsible for Custom Car Magazine, has no record of any woman matching her description. Additional copies of the January, 1980 issue do not feature any instances of SCP-4133-1.

Addendum: 4133-I01

Transcript details an interview with affected field agent, Samuel ████. Reported missing on ██ /██/ ████, and later located on ██ / ██ / ████

Addendum 4133 A-01: Excerpts from Testing log 4133-T

Conclusion: Despite failure with photography, the sketch proves that SCP-4133-1 exists. Exposure to artist renditions of SCP-4133-1 yield no active effects.

Addendum 4133-I02:

Transcript details interview with subject D-2901C after subject complained of unusual recurring dreams.

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