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Item#: 4131
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Recreation of a member of the Anomalocaris genus, which SCP-4131 belongs to.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4131 is stored in a temperature controlled 10m3 tank of water at Site-201 Sector 3. Tank walls are constructed to withstand high impact explosive blasts, with an additional layer surrounding the tank in the event of a breach. Communication with SCP-4131 will be performed using a computer monitor built into the tank, which will display messages sent by interviewers.

At the request of SCP-4131, an observation room has been built next to the tank, with a window that allows the organism to view interviewers. All interviewers must be trained in handling psionic phenomena. Personnel interacting with the anomaly must maintain the guise of the Foundation being an organization dedicated to hunting trilobites, with SCP-4131 being an operative for them. Materials and paraphernalia pertaining to trilobites are strictly forbidden within the observation room.

Description: SCP-4131 is an organism belonging to the extinct Anomalocaris genus1 with a collection of ranged explosive weaponry replacing the head. The organism is 1.6m long, abnormally larger than the majority of fossilized and living Anomalocaris specimens, and has sections of its body replaced with metallic counterparts. This primarily includes portions of the carapace, though several fins have been replaced as well.

The head is composed of two sections:

  • One third of the head is constructed of the same material as the carapace with a metal grid built into it, presumably for reinforcement. Stylized iconography of anomalocaridids and trilobites broken into pieces is carved into it, though significant weathering has rendered many details indiscernible. Three barrels are present, only one of which is functional and capable of firing explosives made of carapace material.
  • Two thirds is entirely constructed from metal. A symbol of a claw similar to those of theropod dinosaurs in a circle is painted in white onto its surface. Four barrels are present, which can fire projectiles analogous in design to weapons used by humans, such as torpedoes, naval mines, and missiles.

How the organism generates ammunition is unknown.

Despite the lack of sensory organs, SCP-4131 has displayed full awareness of its surroundings. The organism does not require a food source; how it obtains energy is unknown. SCP-4131 displays sapience and can communicate through telepathic methods, sending messages interpreted by humans as speech in their native language. Due to the organism's tendency to ramble on subjects when spoken to, along with its intense hatred of trilobites, interviewers have had difficulty communicating with them.

The anomaly was initially discovered by two amateur fossil hunters by Etobicoke Creek2 on 18-September-2015. Shortly after being unearthed, SCP-4131 shouted various expletives about the "segmented shitheads," thanked the fossil hunters for freeing it from its "shackles," and proceeded to use rocket propelled grenades to eject itself into the river. Both persons were severely injured by the blasts.

Reports of explosions and voices swearing about trilobites in Lake Ontario surfaced over the following days, prompting Foundation investigation. Mobile Task Force Nu-3 ("Limnophobia")3 and Mobile Task Force Phi-2 ("Clever Girls") were dispatched, quickly encountering the organism through the dispersal of trilobite-shaped monitoring buoys. Upon encountering SCP-4131 on 25-September-2015, the task forces announced themselves as a "trilobite extermination agency" that was looking to recruit the anomaly. SCP-4131 willingly entered containment soon after.

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