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Item #: SCP-4129

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Roads in the rural western United States are to be monitored by traffic cameras and Foundation satellites. Locations where SCP-4129 has appeared should be placed under heavy surveillance. Any and all reports of SCP-4129 appearing in an unnatural area, especially those of interest (see incident log below), are to be confiscated and a cover story is to be issued depending on the severity of the situation. No tracking devices are permitted within SCP-4129. A security camera outputting live-feed has been installed within SCP-4129 with the permission of SCP-4129-1. The footage must be monitored by Foundation personnel in order to determine the location of SCP-4129. If the instance is still present upon the arrival of Foundation personnel, they are required to order one (1) slice of turkey on wheat bread to-go. Due to the layout of SCP-4129, this specific request is the easiest for SCP-4129-1 to complete in a timely manner.

Description: SCP-4129 refers to an unmarked deli away from populated areas with a preference to locations it has visited before. It has been known to occasionally label itself as: Delightful Deli, The Best Sandwiches in ██████████, and rarely as the common franchise Subway. Anything within SCP-4129 that is not touching the floor or an object that is, such as a stool or table, will be left behind when SCP-4129 changes location. Where SCP-4129 goes when inactive is unknown.

SCP-4129 is known to appear within a one-hundred (100) kilometer radius of subjects who have not eaten for a period of twenty-four (24) hours or longer. Locations in which SCP-4129 materializes are completely random, the only criteria being that it appears in the direction the subject is moving towards and that it is obscured from the view of everyone within the area. It is believed SCP-4129 dematerializes once the subject has completed their meal.

Subjects are often apprehensive to enter SCP-4129, often providing excuses as to why they cannot. Subjects who do decide to enter will meet SCP-4129-1. SCP-4129-1 is a Caucasian male, roughly two meters in height. SCP-4129-1 appears to be immune to any form of damage while inside SCP-4129. SCP-4129-1 is generally cooperative, although it has been known to turn hostile during certain circumstances. SCP-4129-1 is the only employee ever witnessed in SCP-4129, however it has been observed communicating with other staff members, though no response has ever been heard. SCP-4129-1 has been witnessed outside of SCP-4129, albeit within close proximity. It is unknown if SCP-4129-1 chooses to remain within SCP-4129 by choice or if it is kept there by other means.

Once the subject's order is complete, SCP-4129-1 will ask if the subject would like their meal "here or to-go?". If the subject responds with "To-Go" no anomalous events will occur outside of SCP-4129 disappearing. If the subject replies with "here", they will be seated by SCP-4129-1. The subject then becomes an instance of SCP-4129-2 and can no longer exit the building. SCP-4129-2 are patrons of SCP-4129 ranging from ages six (6) to eighty-seven (87). All attempts to communicate with SCP-4129-2 have failed. If an instance of SCP-4129-2 exits SCP-4129, they will immediately expire. Once every table is occupied, SCP-4129-1 will ask a maximum of ten (10) instances to exit the building, which they do obediently. Cause of death appears to be entirely random as long as the instance expires within one (1) minute. Since discovery, only eight (8) instances of SCP-4129-2 have attempted to escape SCP-4129. Cleanup crews are to be dispatched to the location of SCP-4129-1 alongside researchers if it reaches maximum capacity.

Interviewed: SCP-4129-1
Interviewer: Dr. Malcolm
Foreword: The following interview took place within SCP-4129 due to SCP-4129-1 refusing to exit.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Malcolm: Good evening, I am Dr. Malcolm. Do you have a name?

SCP-4129-1: You can call me Earl if you'd like.

Dr. Malcolm: Alright Earl. How long have you been working here?

SCP-4129-1: Oh let's see here, few years maybe? Lost track of time a while ago.

Dr. Malcolm: We have reports of you working here which date back to 1964.

SCP-4129-1: 1964? Wow the last ten years really have flown by. Feels like I just applied for the job yesterday.

Dr. Malcolm: Are you aware of the current year?

SCP-4129-1 pauses and becomes visibly agitated

Dr. Malcolm: Earl?

SCP-4129-1: Yes, um, what was the question again?

Dr. Malcolm: Do you know what year it is?

SCP-4129-1: Looks like my break is over, sorry sir. I'd love to help out, I really would but I've got a job to do. They don't pay us to sit around all day y'know?

Dr. Malcolm: I only have a few more questions, it won't take more than ten minutes.

SCP-4129-1: Would you like your order for here or to-go?

Dr. Malcolm: Just one more, here. Answer whichever question you like.

Dr. Malcolm hands SCP-4129-1 his clipboard which includes a list of eight questions pertaining to the work environment and SCP-4129-2.

SCP-4129-1 Enjoy your meal. You may take that seat right by the window.


Note from SCP-4129 Containment Overseer, ██████: I cannot stress how important it is that we carefully choose our phrasing in the future when dealing with this anomaly. We cannot afford to send our researchers out into the field and not have them return. See that this does not happen again.

Incident Log SCP-4129

August 4th, 1982 Foundation agents ███ and █████ stumbled upon SCP-4129 while investigating sightings of SCP-████ in the ██████-██████ mountains. After approximately forty-five minutes, two D-Class personnel entered SCP-4129 with a standard tracking device and security camera. Both exited one hour and ten minutes later heavily bruised. When questioned they stated the manager had allowed them to set up a security camera but when asked about a tracking device, became incredibly hostile and attacked both D-Class.
November 17th, 1985 SCP-4129 appeared in the location of a barn on the ███████ family farm. Substantial damage to both property and livestock occurred. The residents were financially compensated
February 23rd, 1989 SCP-4129 materialized in a dense forest in Northern California. Although no civilians took notice of the anomaly, a forest fire was started when an instance of SCP-4129-2 dropped a cigarette at the moment of departure. Seventeen residents of the nearby town ██████ were killed.
June 5th, 1994 SCP-4129 appears ten meters in the air. The floor of the building was anomalously extended to the ground and SCP-4129-1 was reported placing a rope-ladder at the entrance . Many drivers took notice of SCP-4129 and exited their vehicles to get a closer look. Local media outlets arrived soon after. Foundation personnel confiscated the recordings and photographs taken and everyone involved was administered Class C amnestics.
May 9th, 1999 An instance of SCP-4129-2 was seen skipping over to the counter to place another order. While doing so SCP-4129 changed location. The SCP-4129-2 instance was discovered by hikers four and a half hours later in the rocky mountains. Cause of death was attributed to drowning after salt water was discovered in its lungs. A cover story was fabricated and the body was confiscated by the Foundation.
October 3rd, 2001 SCP-4129 appeared in the exact center of an Arizona interstate, halting traffic for up to three hours. Fortunately, due to the time of day only a handful of people took notice.
January 18th, 2008 [DATA EXPUNGED]
December 22, 2018 SCP-4129 appeared, still coated in ███████ from the previous incident. The instance vanished twenty-three minutes after local authorities were alerted to the scene and subsequently entered the building. Both officers exited the building with meals and no longer acknowledged the overwhelming amount of ███████ SCP-4129-1 was seen scraping off.

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