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Item: SCP-4128-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4128-J should be secured in a standard Low Threat storage unit when not in use. Interaction is limited to four hours per day per researcher.

Description: SCP-4128-J is a hive mind collective consisting of 3 levothyroxin tablets and 3 cetirizine hydrochloride tablets. These are currently housed in a mundane pharmaceutical pill bottle.

When emptied onto a flat surface, SCP-4128-J is capable of rudimentary visual communication through assisted self-configuration. It displays both an understanding of basic human concepts and a persistent memory of previous communications.

More than eight hours' exposure per day may cause memetic effects mimicking mutual affection and interpersonal bonding. Whilst SCP-4128-J is non-hostile, these effects are cumulative and may result in staff divulging unsanitized, sensitive or otherwise inappropriate information. In such cases, standard re-assignment applies.

Test #15,321 (Unofficial, unscheduled. Full test protocols not applied).

  • Please Note: Procedure A consists of the researcher waiting five seconds, collecting up the SCP-4128-J instances, putting them into their container, shaking them, then emptying them out into a green receptacle.
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