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Item#: 4128
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Mugshot was taken after initial Site-88 containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4128 is to be held in a Humanoid Containment Cell. The cell should be modified to fit the following specifications:

  • Walls should be constructed using modular concrete panels, made from a special proprietary blend of concrete and additives for extreme strength.
  • Each individual panel should measure 30 cm in width. Additionally, it is advised that these panels be lined with a polyether-based polyurethane padding with viscoelastic properties.
  • A Class 2 Titan Vault Door is to be installed in replacement of standard cell entry-way.
  • Standard ventilation is to be installed with a separated gas supply system. In the event of a containment breach, the system will dispense a Class-B sedative nerve agent.

Transport teams of SCP-4128 should be equipped with an aerosolized anesthetic. SCP-4128 is currently held within Site-88 on Floor 18. An on-site psychiatrist should conduct a full psychological evaluation check every two weeks.

Description: SCP-4128 is a human male formerly known as Samson Sachs. The entity claims to be 108 years old, despite appearance being that of middle age. Saliva-based testing has confirmed genetic makeup to be of human origin.

SCP-4128's most notable anomalous property is its incredible mark of strength and endurance. SCP-4128 is capable of lifting 3,500 kg with ease and shows great effort when lifting over 20,000 kg. Additionally, SCP-4128 can sprint at a top speed of approximately 85 km/h, as well as perform an 18-meter vertical leap. The epidermic cells of the entity are formed from a polymeric protein, giving it an innate ability to withstand extreme physical trauma. SCP-4128's bones are eight times denser than that of the average human.1

Discovery: SCP-4128's existence was first discovered in 1975 through the Foundation’s A.S.R.P.2, when correlating reports of a man performing impossible feats of strength came to light. The first confirmed instance by the Foundation occurred when witnesses reported a semi-truck accident in ██████, Belgium. A woman reportedly lodged the front half of her car under a tractor-trailer. While awaiting first-responders, a man approached the car and proceeded to pull it out by the frame.

A cover story disguised the incident as an instance of hysterical strength. Following this event, a 48 year hunt for SCP-4128 ensued, before recovery on ███ ██, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York. This event is detailed in Recovery Incident Document-4128.

A sample timeline of notable confirmed SCP-4128 activities, designated as L.E. (Limited Edition) Events, are reported within Evidence Documentation-4128-L.E.0138:

Complete access to the full timeline must be approved by current Site-88 Director, Dr. Phillip Foster.

Addendum 4128-A1: Genetic markers indicate that myostatin-related hypertrophy4 may be involved. However, this does not fully explain all reports regarding the entity's feats, such as its ability to leap across vast distances.

If he were to have this condition, one would assume that SCP-4128 have immense muscular proportions previously unseen in humanoid anatomy. However, I can find no physical difference between the entity and any other athlete. If we're being completely honest, the guy's got a bit of a pudge.
-Dr. Andrew Winstabt

Addendum 4128-A2: In a recent checkup, it was discovered that SCP-4128 had gradually been losing hearing in its left ear due to excessive bone growth putting pressure on the cranial nerves. Request for a hearing aid is pending approval. SCP-4128 has reported suffering minor seizures in the past; researchers are required to provide immediate notice to medical staff should another lapse occur.

Addendum 4128-B1: A series of interviews were conducted in order to uncover the origin of SCP-4128's anomalous properties and the motivation behind the entity's activities. The following are transcriptions of the video logs:

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