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Item #: SCP-4124

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4124 is to be kept in a storage locker at Site-22, and access is to be limited to Level 3 security personnel wearing Class B protective gloves and SCRAMBLE gear.

On-Site personnel are to report any sudden unprofessional relations among staff members. If a relationship is discovered, one of the two involved parties will then be relocated to another Site, depending on location in the chain of command.

The surviving staff member of an uncontained 4124-A event is to be administered Class-A amnestics, and assigned to a staff psychologist for counseling and monitored for suicidal tendencies. The corpse of the other staff member is to be disposed of according to standard procedures.

Description: SCP-4124 is a small metal figurine in the shape of two children embracing, which stands on a rectangular base. The figure is approximately 24 cm tall, with a 6 cm wide and 5 cm long base. The figure appears to be constructed from platinum.1 The following is engraved on the base in Latin: "amicitia caduca est". This roughly translates to: "Friendship is fleeting".

SCP-4124-1 appears to be a male humanoid, approximately 1.8 M tall, carrying a backpack and dressed in a motorcycle helmet with a tinted visor, a bomber jacket, and blue jeans. They bear a blue star shaped tattoo on their neck. SCP-4124-1 has an unnaturally high-pitched voice, falling outside of possible human range.

The effects of SCP-4124 are threefold. Following exposure of a subject to SCP-4124 through direct touch, or prolonged visual contact, a period of 1-18 hours will follow in which the subject will develop a friendship with the first person they had prolonged verbal, visual, or physical contact with following exposure (Hereafter referred to as "SCP-4124-2" and "SCP-4124-3"). This friendship will appear to happen naturally, but is hypothesized to be the result of SCP-4124 influencing probability in the nearby environment. Over the following seven weeks, this friendship will strengthen, to the point where SCP-4124-2 and SCP-4124-3 consider themselves "best friends", and often confide in each other.

At the beginning of the eighth week, or soon after, an 4124-A event will occur. During an 4124-A event, SCP-4124-2 and SCP-4124-3 will suddenly begin to argue about a current issue, of which they are on opposite sides, commonly religion, politics, or a mistake one of them recently made. This argument will eventually escalate to the point of lethal violence, resulting in one instance murdering the other in self-defense, often in gruesome manner.

Upon death of SCP-4124-2 or SCP-4124-3, SCP-4124 will manifest SCP-4124-1 within a 10 M radius of itself. Following manifestation, SCP-4124-1 will then approach the survivor. SCP-4124-1 has proven extremely agile, strong, and fast, and has never been successfully subdued. Depending on the distance between SCP-4124 and the subject, it may take up to fifteen minutes for SCP-4124-1 to reach them.

When SCP-4124-1 reaches the subject, it will produce a "friendship bracelet" from its left breast pocket. These bracelets usually are metal bands, and always feature the name of the now deceased target embossed on them. SCP-4124-1 will then hold down the subject, and force the bracelet onto their left wrist. Following this, SCP-4124-1 will vocalize the phrase "Best Friends Forever" once, before demanifestation.

The bracelets have proven impossible to remove without amputation. Whenever the survivor looks at the bracelet, they will experience flashbacks, and often begin crying. Amnesticizing the survivor has proven partially successful, making the flashbacks less vivid. There is no complete cure for these effects. These effects often lead to withdrawal from others, distrust, and eventually, suicidal tendencies.

A subject who has previously undergone SCP-4124's effects can not experience them again. However, there is no known limit to the amount of people SCP-4124 can effect at one time.

Interviewed: [ Dr. Beiderman]

Interviewer: [ Senior Researcher D███████]

Foreword: [This interview takes place following 4124-A Event 17]

<Begin Log, 8:26 A:M █/██/██>

Senior Researcher D███████: State your name for the record please.

Dr. Beiderman: Dr. Klaus Beiderman.

Senior Researcher D███████: What were you doing when the 4124-A event occured?

Dr. Beiderman: I was in the secure storage area, cataloging some new Mekhanite texts. I had just locked them back up when it started.

Senior Researcher D███████: What did you observe?

Dr. Beiderman Somebody across the room from me raised her voice. I assumed she had dropped an artifact, so I ran over to see if I could help. I turned the corner, and it was █████████, yelling at Agent Moorehead.

Senior Researcher D███████: Do you recall the subject of the argument?

Dr. Beiderman: From what I could tell, Agent Moorehead had misfiled something.

Senior Researcher D███████: Thank you, please continue.

Dr. Beiderman So they two of them got louder and louder, and I realized that █████████ was reaching into their pocket for something.

Senior Researcher D███████: What was the object?

Dr. Beiderman An X-ACTO Knife. Everything happened so fast. Agent Moorehead drew his gun and shot at her. She jumped on top of Agent Moorehead, and pulled the knife out, jabbing it into Moorehead's neck. And she kept doing it, over and over.

Senior Researcher D███████: At what point did SCP-4124-1 appear?

Dr. Beiderman: It couldn’t have been more than two minutes after Agent Moorehead expired.

Senior Researcher D███████: Describe the entity, please.

Dr. Beiderman: It looked like a normal person by all accounts, with the exception of their face.

Senior Researcher D███████: What was wrong with their face? And how did you see their face?

Dr. Beiderman: After it vocalized, it turned towards me and lifted its visor before disapparating.

Dr. Beiderman is silent for approximately 1 minute.

Senior Researcher D███████: Doctor?

Dr. Beiderman: Oh, sorry. I'm trying to figure out how to put it in words.

Dr. Beiderman: It was an indescribable thing really. Have you ever lost something precious, and looked in the mirror afterwards? You've probably never thought to. This thing's face was contorted into such an expression of loss and pain, it was practically a caricature of the emotion. You could tell that wasn't how it actually felt though. It was clearly insane.

Senior Researcher D███████: Thank you. Look, I'm sorry you went through all this.

Dr. Beiderman: No, thank you. It helps to have someone to talk to.

Senior Researcher D███████: Let's wrap this up then. I'll buy you a drink from the machine down the hall.

<End Log, 8:47 A.M.>

Closing Statement: Following review of the tapes, it was determined that viewing SCP-4124-1's face yields similar properties to long term viewing of SCP-4124, at an extremely accelerated rate. The remains of Dr. Beiderman were was transferred to Site-███.

SCP-4124 was created by POI-14WA5, an Anartist based in the African region of [REDACTED], along with many other POIs. SCP-4124 was discovered during a raid performed by MTF Kappa-29 "Killjoys" on Compound-12, a known anartist meeting place, where an "art show" was in progress. A transcript of the raid can be found in file [DATA EXPUNGED], and an interview with a surviving member of the MTF conducting the raid can be found [DATA EXPUNGED]. Records found at Compound-12 indicate that SCP-4124-1 depicts a former member of POI-14WA5's circle of friends, designated POI-14WC6. POI-14WC6 disappeared following a raid of a prior show by the Global Occult Coalition. POI-14WA5 was "inspired" to make SCP-4124 following this raid. The note-card that was found with SCP-4124 during the raid describes it as a piece on "The futility of friendship".

POI-14WC6 appears to be missing from his home in [REDACTED] and is wanted for questioning.

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