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Item #: SCP-4123

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-4123 is to be kept in a standard containment unit in Site ██. All testing must have level 3 researcher approval as well as level 2 personnel with memetic training present. All personnel entering SCP-4123’s containment unit must remove any loose items prior to being within 1.2 m of 4123's vicinity.


SCP-4123 is a common leather attaché case of dark hue which appears to have worn over time. The specific hue perceived differs between observers. Two white cloth gloves float in front of the case, operating as its "hands". The gloves have a cartoonish style and will always float directly in front of or inside the case. The gloves are approximately two and a half times the size of human hands and are able to reach up to a length of 1m.

Given an input, normally in the form of an object, SCP-4123 will create a game based upon it. The game is fully immersive and is designated SCP-4123-1. The game is created and maintained through anomalous phenomena directed by the intelligence inhabiting SCP-4123. These phenomena include spatial displacement, the creation of objects and creatures and low-level reality manipulation.

A variable number of participants are chosen for each game. Criteria for selection vary, but preference does seem to be given to willing participants. The chosen participants are teleported to the location of the game if necessary and given a note (SCP-4123-2) explaining the rules and objectives.

At the end of the game players may be returned in their original condition and location. Following this documents will manifest inside the case, designated SCP-4123-3, which include information regarding the game and allow for written feedback from players. As of ██/██/2020 SCP-4123 has ███ SCP-4123-3 documents within it.

When SCP-4123 is waiting for an input the left hand will form a fist and the right assumes an open palm position. When an input is placed into SCP-4123's right hand, the left hand will open and begin counting down from five on its fingers1 Upon reaching the end of the countdown SCP-4123 will take the input and both hands inside of the case and close for a period of 3 seconds to 12 minutes. During this time SCP-4123 may shake, vibrate, or in some instances disappear and reappear. Upon re-opening the game will begin.

Inputs must in comparison to previous inputs be increasing in complexity, power, or rarity. This was discovered during testing when inputs began to be rejected and the trend became apparent. Reasons for this are most likely as a part of SCP-4123's theorized intention to improve game creation.

SCP-4123 shows signs of intelligence due to gestures made with its hands while idle and its responses to feedback. These gestures include pointing, waving, clapping, “ok”, and handshakes if prompted. It’s theorized that SCP-4123 will do this in an attempt to gather participants.

After a game ends players will have in-depth knowledge of how to play and teach the game they just played regardless of complexity. However, this is limited to parts they participated in directly and what they have the ability to do.

SCP-4123-2 is a note given to players upon beginning the game. This note on one side in bold letters will have various phrases. The other side of the note will give participants a description of the game and rules for them to play, some may have a key or map if the rules call for it.

This note is unable to be removed from players for the entirety of the game. If it is lost or destroyed, it will be returned to players when not in view. The note has a translucent quality but, is universally understandable regardless of the condition of the reader, environment, or the note itself.

Phrases logged:
Let’s go!
Get to it!
Have fun!
Remember to leave feedback!
Let’s game!
Try harder!
Keep going!
U R doing great!
Never stop playing!
Go! Go! Go!
Good one!
Don’t forget to register for the games!2

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