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The following file is Level Ω/4121 classified. Failure to enter credentials will result in termination via
BERRYMAN-LANGFORD memetic kill agent.


INPUT CODE: t^ime WAITS f0r n∞ man/dtbmh


WARNING: FURTHER APPROVAL NECESSARY. does the black moon howl?

INPUT CODE: at midnight, when the wolves fear sheep



Item #: SCP-4121 Threat Level:
Object Class: Thaumiel Hiemal ● Black


A visual representation of the "loop that never breaks/never has/never will be broken", drawn by an affected staff member.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4121 cannot be contained without causing a CK-class restructuring scenario or a ZK-class reality failure scenario. Public philosophical documentation or "theories" relating to SCP-4121 are to be suppressed monitored. Scientific confirmation of SCP-4121 is to be discredited or suppressed. Individuals responsible for public research into SCP-4121 are to be placed into Foundation employ or (if uncooperative) terminated. All research into SCP-4121 is to be confined to Site-Ω1.

Counteractive efforts targeting SCP-4121 should remain in a partially constructed conceptual stage. Should SCP-4121 experience widespread neutralisation, all emergency protocols for affected items should be initiated simultaneously. Emergency Order Motus-Omega must be fully conceived and initiated. Initiation of Emergency Order Motus-Omega is to be considered an Alpha-1 Priority task.

All staff assigned to Site-Ω1 must remain in Site-Ω1. MTF Psi-58 (Immovable Objects) are to halt any personnel attempting to exit Site-Ω1. No attempts at euthanisation are to be made. All research divisions of Site-Ω1 are not to collaborate, exchange research or change divisions without authorisation by Site Director Edwin.

Description: SCP-4121 is a spacetime impetus paradox affecting the current reality inhabited by the human race, the SCP Foundation and all associated items of importance. Currently SCP-4121 does not affect the entirety of surface reality, instead it is localised to specific physical and conceptual items. These include organisations, persons/entities of interest, areas and events. Possible changes in the behaviour of SCP-4121, including the possibility of universal coverage, are covered in Emergency Order Motus-Omega.

SCP-4121 causes a "causal stasis" effect, in which certain events cannot proceed beyond a point in time. Similarly actions affecting certain entities cannot proceed. This effect has been both beneficial and harmful to the SCP Foundation. While SCP-4121 served to effectively maintain the current status quo, it has also prevented the direct improvement or enhancement of containment practices for a number of SCPs. SCP-4121 has also hindered relations with multiple GoIs, however it is likely the anomaly has also had similar effects on the GoIs themselves. As a result, multiple offensive measures have remained at partial construction.

Currently active countermeasures are impossible to develop, due to SCP-4121 affecting these ideas upon complete conceptualisation. Emergency Order Motus-Omega is under partial conceptual construction, as to avoid being affected by the anomaly. SCP-4121 does not affect items experiencing a fragmented conceptualisation. For example, if a concept is partially realised by three different persons, SCP-4121 will not hinder any developments. However if these "proto-ideas" a compiled to form a single concept, SCP-4121 will hinder actualisation. These items can also be documented, but all documentation must remain partially complete. Due to this, Emergency Order Motus-Omega is currently held in a fragmented form by all O5 Council members.

SCP-4121 is hypothesised to also be effecting termination attempts of multiple SCPs (see Addendum 01/4121-ASCP). While this hypothesis cannot be confirmed in a traditional sense, containment procedures of SCPs not currently facing termination have been adapted to account for their "causal invulnerability". Partially conceptualised termination plans have also been established.

SCP-4121 was first discovered by Dr. ██████ Edwin, who was previously assigned to SCP-3229. While investigating a means of proactive containment, Dr. Edwin stumbled upon a "symptom" of SCP-4121. The following are extracts from Dr. Edwin's personal log, referring to his investigation into this anomaly.

I found multiple initiatives, declassified and approved, were never acted upon. I sent this information to Director Yu, thinking it was a localised anomaly. Perhaps the cave didn't want us going to certain places. Then while venting about the conundrum with one of my colleagues, Dr. Wallis, he told me he'd noted behaviours among the hostile entities within 3229 that he suspected were linked.

I have contacted researchers at other sites, searching for more evidence to confirm my theory. I've come across a number of incidents that I think may lead my hypothesis to a much more dangerous conclusion. My initial suspicion, that something was affecting progress at Area 55, has been expanded. I contacted an old friend down in █████, he has higher clearance than I do. He told me there were several incidents similar to mine. Some chalked up as bureaucracy losing track, some were just marked under one SCP or another, some were just left to collect dust. All of which are sloppy, an uncharacteristic action for the Foundation. This warrants further investigation.

Wallis brought me out of my feverish researching, but all I could talk about on break was how close I was to cracking it. It's all I can think of now. Wallis warned me the Director would be irate if this took precedence over my work on site. I've chosen to ignore the warning. I don't bare any disrespect for the Director, nor do I doubt how important my usual work is. I just know I've found something, something I can't leave to collect dust.

More findings on my personal project. We had a site breach today. I used it to look into some more… restricted data. I was lucky, very lucky, not to be shot. It was worth it though, this is an anomaly all to itself. Records of it are everywhere, they just didn't see all the puzzle pieces. I've been trying to piece them all together as the Site calms down. Something has to be there, it has to.

Site Director Yu requested me in his office, I've been told to expect all information to be classified at the highest level.

I was right.

Addendum 01/4121:

Addendum 02/4121:

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